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    AVI filetype not working..

    They refuse to play, its almost like the filetype itself is corrupted or something. I've tried many other codecs. Nothing likes the AVI type files. Not even movie editors.
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    AVI filetype not working..

    Since I nuked my pc and put windows 7 on it. For some reason AVI files do NOT work right, sometimes none at all. Videopad, windows movie maker, etc will crash if you try to upload them, media player won't play them. VLC player plays them just fine. Nothing else on my PC likes them, so when I do...
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    No signal input from pc to monitor

    How exactly do I do that?
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    No signal input from pc to monitor

    For the past few days, this issue has arrived. I get no signal input on my monitor, it works fine in safe mode, and works in normal mode until right before the login screen. The monitor DOES work, I use it all the time on my 360 for playing games and watching videos, so I highly doubt its a...
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    LEAK: Blizzard Product Slate

    I remember reading about a year ago on blizzards job hiring thing that they needed some kind of designer to work on games like Diablo 3, World of warcraft, warcraft IV, etc. I really do wish I screened it for proof purposes :/. I actually think its definately in the works, but not nearly as...
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    Perhaps the most nail-biting Stalemate in SC2.

    Someone already made a thread about this match O.o
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    Custom editors

    I have a idea that would help. One that makes the data editor easier for beginners, or simplifies it to make it easier. I dont mean combine stuff and make less. But more of rename things and add descriptions to make things lot easier. Shit at first we had to figure out what did what. So if we...
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    How do I set the AI to insane for in the starcraft 2 editor

    Or you could just go to preferences and under *test document* theres a thing for it.
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    Annoying button bugs...

    You know what annoys the hell out of me? When I delete buttons, change buttons, whatever, next time I look at them, they will be completely f'ed up in some way. Such as earlier I made a firebat trainable, added its button, lah lah, done, works fine. But randomly it adds another button under the...
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    How to get rid of heroness from units.

    Alright, so now how do I get them to stop reviving?
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    How to get rid of heroness from units.

    Since I cant make copied units worth shit, I was just gonna make them from pre-existning units. So I was working on the raynor one and making a different unit. Problem is it still has its portait shown bottom right of the screen.. How do I kill that?
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    Strange e-mail from

    Just because it says the noreply thing does not mean its legit. I get tons all the time that are fake, for sc2, and mainly WoW. They said I did stuff when my account hasnt been active in months :P. If its fishy, delete it, its probably not blizz
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    Proof that Starcraft 2 is a Government Spy Angency

    Lot of gaming companies do, but what you dont understand is they dont give them away to everyone, they keep stuff like that in case theres issues with you, your account. or get suspicious about something on your account, or if maybe your cheating in some way. You guys really need to drop the...
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    Tutorial Skins - Reskinning SC2 Units

    Btw using untouched models directly from wc3 would be quite stupid and I highly doubt anyone would like them. They would be extremely out of place, despite the filetype, how are they suppose to work? Physics engine wouldn't be able to effect them, they would be far more limited then current...
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    Xbox 360 not working?

    the Xbox 360 I have is the new one, but 4gb, so it has no hard drive. Anyway, since I got it, it works wonders, I went to a friends house, played it, then went back home, hooked it up, I hit the power button and all I hear is kind of a beep sound, but the sound it makes normally to turn on...