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    Wiki Down?

    Hey guys--long time no see. :D Someone informed me that a link I had in my signature (to was down. There was some cool info there and some pages that I would often link to. Is it gone permanently? Any way I can get some of the data back?
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    Gaming Valve releases Dota 2 modding tools (Map Editor)

    I definitely want to give it a go. :) I haven't played DotA 2 myself, but I've heard good things about the editor. It should be fun.
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    Gaming [RUMOR/FALSE] Google buys livestreaming service Twitch

    Congrats to the twitch owners. It is sad for everyone else. We can only hope that Twitch will remain relatively unchanged. Some people say that there is a possibility for copyright integration into streams (protecting particular music from being played during streams, for example), which would...
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    Warcraft III Tool

    Here. I've provided a mirror:
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    Sci/Tech YouTube to Acquire Videogame-Streaming Service Twitch for $1 Billion: Sources

    I actually don't want it to all become intertwined though. They would probably have you log-in using gmail and then add a "share to google plus" button that you would accidentally click. I'm sure they would improve it performance wise, but I don't really trust them with twitch.
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    Ghan, if you're not busy, could you make it so that pressing enter in the wiki's search box will use "Search" instead of "Go"? Or fix "Go", whichever is more convenient. It seems that "Go" will add 8080 to the URL and do some weird monkey business, whereas "search" gives proper results.
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    Thanks Ghan. Yeah, before the redesign/migration it worked. It wasn't working for a short period of time after the redesign/migration, but Ghan did his magic so those pages load properly now.
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    edo informed me on the hive that links to the wiki return 404 errors. If you check out the wiki main page, it also looks messed up: Will this be fixed/will the pages be restored? If not, then is there a back-up of some of the info? Hopefully the info isn't all gone.
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    Values in Modules not showing up

    It seems like the tab is stretched all the way to the left. Look at that object editor where it says "Value" (right below all the tabs for units, items, buffs, etc. and right above the field values). Click on that line to the left of it, and try dragging it to the right.
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    Saladfork#1595 NA
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    Gaming EU Comission wants devs to stop calling games "free" if they have in-app purchases

    Just come up with a name for apps that are free-to-play with in-app purchases (and perhaps different names for ones with optional purchases and ones with content purchases). I can agree with some of the issues about the lack of warning before purchases, but I wouldn't go as far as to say that...
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    Sci/Tech After 15 months, Windows 8 has sold 100 million fewer copies than Windows 7 did

    I think it is a step in the right direction. It is very new, but it is getting closer to competing with OS X. I still might use Windows over OS X in a desktop setting (it depends on what I'm doing), but OS X's laptop experience is a whole level above Windows (it isn't too fair to compare the two...