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    when u import it right click it and click use as sound and it will create a variable for it
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    Portal Skill need Help...

    you could add to your triggers replace enter portal with exit poral, or remove enter portal and add exit portal and vice versa
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    Stupid Patrol.

    thats what i was going 2 suggest. is this for a maze?
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    help with a triggered spell

    is that a real function? level of spell?
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    Leader Board or MultiBoard help

    well, leaderboard can be hidden, but u need triggers to do that: Events: Player 1(red) types a chat message contaning -hide as an exact match Conditions: Actions: Hide "your leaderboarde" Events: Player 1(red) types a chat message contaning -show as an exact match...
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    check your pathes and size for teh skins. for da music, make sure its in mp3 format. what do u need help on exactly?
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    Magic the Gathering

    do you want us to just make up decks? or are we all just posting decks we already have? heres a burn deck: World Aflame 17 mountains 3 lava ax 3 volcanic hammer 4 lava spike 1 kamahl's sledge 2 demolish 3 stone rain 2 anarchist 1 wildfire 2 carbonize 1 blaze 2 glacial ray 1...
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    4 Word Short Story

    where the smell mutated
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    Word VS. Word

    Kwy chang cain (from "kung fu)
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    terrain rating

    that seems to be the general opinion
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    terrain rating

    wow, thats pretty good.
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    What is "Sphere" doing?

    why dont u give the ability toa a nit, and see what it does
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    terrain rating

    bump (to post 1)
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    4 Word Short Story

    and he went into
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    Word VS. Word