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    Leaderboard: Current_Score +1

    try changing (Last created Leaderboard) with something in variable. It may overlap with another leaderboard.
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    AoS Realms of the Genesis v3

    --Note for upgrades-- Although any players from a team can control structures that provide upgrades, this system still have limitations, one of them is, only 1 player at a time clicking a structure can make the upgrade second, when clicking an upgrade, the time interval is zero, upgrading the...
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    spell:problem with my juxtapose spell

    i think illusions won't bestow aura skills, so check your base spell. Another way in doing it is simply store the level of ability in a MPI variable.
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    Camera height?

    is there any possible solution for the matter? Like the camera height adjustment formula compared to the terrain height...
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    Camera height?

    then... what is the difference?
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    Trigger Giving Error

    Take Damage On Lava Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set UnitGroup[1] = (Units in (Playable map area)) Unit Group - Pick every unit in UnitGroup[1] and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set Point[1]...
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    Camera height?

    Erm... I tried to make an FPS camera and sometimes the camera will pierce trough the terrain... in order to fix the "bug", i tried to use the function "camera - change camera height". So my questions are : 1.) what is a camera height? 2.) What is Camera Z source? Is it related to camera height...
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    How does random system work?

    im done with it... the problem is say for instance i got 3 units that'll damage the target unit in random, and i store the target's action in the variable. First turn : target action code 1 Unit 1 deals 50 damage Unit 2 deals 60 damage Unit 3 deals 40 damage Second turn : target...
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    How does random system work?

    I mean, all random using. For example when you use a random real between 0.65 and 1.35, it may be the same several times. SO I thought it must hold the same pattern. is there any? Because it become annoying to get the same number again and again for some conditions.
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    How does random system work?

    I used a random function, it goes random alright but it seemed that it made a special pattern... Just a question out of curiosity...
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    The Terrain Thread

    ulch; good for the rummaged aura but still; you need some smoothening imo. and the tree placing aren't really good.
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    The Terrain Thread

    UGH, as shiny as it penetrated my eyes O_o Love the pillars........ how could u put it together like that? Critics : -The ferns seemed to look like plastics compared 2 the others. -Is it just me or i did see that the left side lightning are excessive compared 2 the right?
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    The Terrain Thread

    Holy great lighting effects. I thought the most left mountains covered in full rocks tough, it seemed to be a cliff. Also, the raising of the landscape made quite a blot.
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    Armor Upgrade

    ic... that's a value about..... increment per lv and base value if i set : base : 5 increment : 2 so at lv 1 it'll give 5 armor at lv 2 --> 7armor at lv 3 --> 9 armor at lv 4 --> 11 armor. Got it? then u should add the armor to the unit.
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    1 Slot Combining

    all items r tomes when u use da item they r combined that way. (tomes means used on accuired) Yea, needs a hell lot of effort, a trigger to give the exact item when tomes accuired another 4 the combining another one when u drop da item (replace with tomes) and such n such n such,.,,