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  • Hey i looked at it it the downloadable quarantine is still the old one?
    One zombie model that also came to mind is a zerling(Campaign) it could be a mutated hellhoud version like the mutated Zombie?
    Nice and the AI i will also improve on them like shoot beserkers first coz they the strongest but now they just shoot and i dont know if you relised but sometimes the AI can corner you and not get out but i will make the ability interact work on them to move away so you can get out
    Ey it will be good if you release the Version i gave you soon so people can test the new AI
    Okay Razalgrim my Exams are finished Yea!!! and i have finished the AI. Ill send you the map and when you get it please read Gtam's corner. There is alot of thingd you need to know. Im talking about Quarantine if you forgot about it :D
    is it okay if i release an updated version in one of my post. So you can take a break and i will fix some triggers more make the AI better and add some abilities to units and even add some more zombies but only if you want me to. The terrain i will leave since i suck at terraining and find it quite boring.
    okay ill then just make an ai so when you want to start editing quarantine again it will be ready and i understand sometimes you get bored of a map and later when you left it for awhile it will be fun to edit again.
    how are you going with the map its almost my vacation so i can properly trigger the AI now and stuff so send me your current map if you can
    You actually messaged me just as I went offline. I assume you hit the report button, though. Seems it was taken care of. :)
    Thanks for the heads up, though the staff is quite capable of seeking out spammers and banning them.
    I just wasn't online. ^_^

    Anyway, he's gone now. I didn't ban him though; someone else got him. :(
    Well my map had some troubles with the 1.24b patch but now finaly working and when im busy lately but in 2 weeks i have vacation where i can work fully on the map so you can do the terraining and triggering then when your finished send me the map and i will do the AI and Trigger Fixing and send you the map and you can release it then
    hey razie no offence but next time you create triggers send me the map so i can optimize and improve the triggers before you released it. The dialog system is optimized and the summoning triggers thats new. If youd send them to me first i could have fixed it before the release
    ok you can post it i couldnt do much since i have a few assignments to do but its almost scool vacation then i can work on it alot
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