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  • hey so did you get newgen and you should also get the optimixer for vexorian
    Oh yes and you can take away the part in your post about looking for a jasses coz you found one :D:D
    Go to view conversation first before you post to me and im working on some functions that will be exclusive to the map and make it easier MUI and if you want but dont have to you can use Optimizer to compress the map and make it unopnable by World editor so othes cant steal but only if you want
    Ok im sending the map with every thing done exept Multiplayer stuff but release i version with the changes i made so people can report bugs before i go and make it Multiplayer
    Hey im getting a name change to Gtam so dont be surprised when Gtam talks to you
    Ehe, I'm having a bit of a problem with time management, as well as some of the triggers. Seems tomorrow will take longer than I first thought.
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