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    The Walking Dead

    Super comic spoiler
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    NSFW Funny Picture Thread

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    General Zombie Virus Drives Caterpillars To An Explosive Death

    I was mainly making a joke, but it does bring a question to the mind, will it ever reach more and more complex life forms? Who knows... It all depends on how the process itself works, and if it can adapt.
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    Dual monitor=> Dual background (Windows 7)

    Use UltraMon, it's a software I use that will basically fuse the pictures for you, and it does work quite well.
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    General Zombie Virus Drives Caterpillars To An Explosive Death

    So it moved from ants to caterpillars? Scary.
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    Diablo 3 Beta is now live!

    I've been in it, it's kind of meh in the beta.
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    Sci/Tech Germans Manufacture Artificial Blood Vessels With a 3-D Printer

    With this kind of stuff happening, it's not long before people will be indifferent to failing organs/heart defects.
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    Dead Island

    One thing I like about this game is the vehicles. The camera's a bit hard to get used to, as it's an extremely smoothed fix location camera, meaning looking around is pretty slow. The shattering glass is another nice touch if you get hit a bit hard. One thing I hate though is the instant kill...
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    Sci/Tech Diamond particles discovered in candlelight.

    Suddenly, DIAMONDS. I've heard more stuff about diamonds in this week alone than I have in these past few years.
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    Opinion on the bag of holding

    I know a friend with the bag of holding. It held like EVERYTHING he ever needed. It was also pretty durable, I'd reccomend it.
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    Unable to connect to battle net in WC3 ROC and TFT

    What's the exact error you get? And what OS are you running? We need a bit more information to help you.
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    Unable to connect to battle net in WC3 ROC and TFT

    One issue I have on Windows 7 is that I have to run Blizzard games in Admin mode otherwise I get a login error, have you tried that yet?
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    if you could stop time, what happens to physics?

    Think of this way, can you explain time in the first place? No one really can, aside from making (maybe) educated guesses. Time is something that is constantly thought about, but no one has been able to prove what time IS, and how to actually do anything to it. As far as I know anyway.
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    Dota 2 - Valve

    Alright so, only one thing I need to say about DotA 2. DotA 2 is better than HoN in a bad way, copying DotA. Think about that.