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  • I got my hair cut today too, I am trying to set up a weekly discussion sort of thing in the SCII section. Hopefully it turns out good. I will release the first text soemtime tomorrow in the CC. ^_^
    Hey, I have an idea. You should totally let someone host another contest! I think... SanKakU is a good person!!!
    I have an idea- why don't you spellcheck the tutorials which Whitesock hasn't checked yet, so that we can release them faster and I can get back to writing new ones ?

    It will be awesome, if you have the time for it <3
    Dunno. I sticked quite a lot in bronze.... It was a short way out of silver though : P

    3 Things you should always look at:

    1 Are tehre open slots in your division ?
    2 Are the players I loose too higher ranked than me ? (If so, what do I need to improve on so that I can beat them)
    3 What is my ~ win rate. If it is around 55% then you will be promoted soon.
    have you considered getting skype ? I saw your message but I couldn't answer you... we are quite a few people in a chat session in skype + you will get the chance to write with artificial on a daily baisis :p (you were tight some time ago)
    Sorry for not messaging you back a couple of times, but I was in a game from which I can't alt+tab, because of my uber-slow PC. : (
    Please, help me solve that terrible problem.
    It happened when I saved a map with Jassnewgen 1.5d (Jasshelper 0.A.2.B), hardly had the "Creating Map Archive" finished (Jasshelper nearly appeared) when the newgen crashed, jasshelper even didn't appear :(.
    Like this:
    I've just registered, and I haven't received the activity mail yet, so I have to post here, Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Sweet ! I am more or less fucked beyond possible beleaf- I have been chosen to represent my school in an extreamly important exam so I am working on that AND I have 1 exam per day every day. The last 2 days after ~30 minutes of using my PC I literally just stared at the current oppened thing for 1 hour and then went to bed LOL
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