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    Official Recipes Index

    I recommend this one: There is a good youtube video to the recipe that makes it a lot easier to make it. I tried it, it is delicious.
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    Sci/Tech Mice given human brain gene learned tasks faster

    "The secret of NIMH" much...
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    PC Heroes of Newerth

    I still play every once in a while, I've been on it since the beta and I bought it back when it used to cost. My account name is Samael88 if you want to add me and play sometime :) My favorite hero is Pyromancer and I usually play him as a DPS/Tank. I find that his Stun and Ulti combined with...
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    Sci/Tech DIY Tesla Gun

    Crud, yet another time I've been beaten to the punch. I can only hope that he has not found a way to aim it yet. It looks like the electicity it fires will ground as fast as possible which means that it will be useless if you throw a cable at him that happens to touch the ground.
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    Computer freezes randomly

    Try memtest to check if it is your ram that is damaged. Download the iso, burn it to a disc and boot from the disc and it will run the diagnostics. You should keep an eye on your computer during the test because it will run it over and over again.
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    New game project

    Easter Eggs are important. There must be at least a dozen of them^^ The ability to have companions that you can either evolve or equip in some way to allow them to be stronger. Edit: Oh, and a good trading system, not like in fable where you can abuse the living shit out of it. Edit2...
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    NSFW Funny Picture Thread

    Upload it and let us determine that :)
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    Health “Super memory” pill–and possibly an Alzheimer’s cure–could be around the corner

    Anyone other than me that has seen the movie "Rise of the planet of the apes"? I for one am scared by these news :(
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    Crime Bus Driver Loses Job After Assaulting Student Who Used N-Word

    The word stems from the Spanish word "Negro" which means "black" as in the color. Basically calling someone the N-word is just as racist as calling someone black.
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    Crime Bus Driver Loses Job After Assaulting Student Who Used N-Word

    I for one do not think that "n*gger" is a bad word itself, I mean I use it myself if there is a crowd and I want to point out a funny dressed person or something like that. I feel like saying "look at the black man" would be incorrect if he was brown and to say "look at the brown man" would just...
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    General Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, has died

    This is really saddening news :(
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    Gaming computer

    I'm with sqrage here, I would recommend the same thing because the CPU will most likely bottleneck.
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    [TV Series] Money Dispute May End 'Simpsons'

    Anyone else than me who's got "death to fox" on their lips when reading this? "They killed the simpsons?" "Those bastards?"
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    [TV Show] Terra nova

    Time travel back to the age of dinosaurs, dino riders much? Screw fox, I'm goin' home.