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  • It was -rep, and for:
    posts impulsively without reading and proceeds to complain

    I complained about you not using quote tags or something similar to distinguish who said what.
    "as for the hero revive trigger...i don't know what those demo maps are doing, but i recommend you look elsewhere for a good trigger for that. you could try taking a look at my maps perhaps...pm me if you're interested, but i warn you, it's basically all jass."

    im interested, but is it easy implemented? cause i dont know much about jass.. i really need a hero revive trigger for my map (an AoS)..
    Well done... I intend to take a look when I get a moment, I'm not sure when exactly. :)
    Good work on locating it yourself. :)
    The ring around the day/night indicator. Use a moonstone, set the time to 6 AM. The ring will be orange, which is not a normal color.
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