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  • Assist Trophy, Shadow.
    Nevermind anywaynow, Your Grade Battle 1.4...... Samus Zero Laser thing is really strange, it has no animation? Just a glow of beam that dissapears when you stop.

    Also, there is a bug :D You can Blink into the dual arena and help.
    Why not a Fullmetal Alchemist character on the new version? *--*
    I don't know what email address to send the replay to. I need information. ........
    I don't know if its okay to report this because its from v1.3b, but I was playing the game and it closed/crashed warcraft3 and left me a Fatal Error message.
    For you, I saved the replay and the screen shot of the message which I currently have and am not putting in this message now and I would like of you to look into this and fix it if it is still in the current version which I believe it probably is or might be.
    Naruto become overpower after bushin's bug fixed.

    with the Dagger (blink) we can get into the duel too. Mario, when is one of the duelists, cant jump, not jump to atck, not jump to get out, but.. what is mario without the jump???
    The duels never are 1x1. u_u~
    Ryuk its a fucking thief when he is in outside of a courrent duel, the power that bring the op kills in 2 secs.
    I actually took into consideration Haunter after my friend telling me he was the worst character and he sucks. I put effort into playing him and made him one of the best characters. I would say Haunter is just as good as the others but requires the most skill to use him. He could use a slight boost though such as a normal attack boost of a few points and maybe +15/30/45 damage to his Dream Eater. I was also thinking about how I would like to see Link, but whether you decide to put him in or not, I don't mind. I have some good ideas too if you would like to hear them.
    we can enter in the duel with mario jump. 8D
    and jump over it if the map is 'aways visible' after kill the oponnent in a 2x1 in there.
    a mode -nd (no duel) would be cool..
    haunter is a suck character, we rmk every time one of us randoms him. :3
    yoh's a weak character, his skills are weak (the [Q] atack lvl 3 do 125dmg. when the "same" atk of cloud do 300[just without path atk]
    the game needs Link (from tLoZelda) and Lucy (elfen lied), maybe Fox (star fox), Kirby (??) and Yoshi (mario). :3
    i know make characters isnt easy, but with slowly... ^^'''
    about the 1.4.. i like the characters.. the duel can be circumvented.. the stone guardian is FREAK, he came from op RS to MY ressurrection stone and killd me and my partner once. HAUAHUAH
    but now, killing in oponent RS is more exciting 8D

    cya o/
    Okay, but I'm not sure where to start. Do you have any thoughts in mind you would like me to try to mimic in the drawing such as a picture in your head of all the characters from the game standing doing something? Or should I just make the picture the way I may think is good? Should I include ALL the characters in the picture or just some? Which ones if only some?
    Also, I have AIM and MSN. Can I talk to you more through that?
    My AIM and MSN are available in my profile. If possible, Message me so we can talk. I will try to be on more often from now on.
    Here is a picture I drew from a long time ago ^__^

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