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    OH Sweet! = ]
    I would be glad to work on a picture of Grand Battle = ].
    Although I have to say, I don't know all the characters in the game = /. (Some of the anime characters).
    Oh, and the speed increase I was mistaken on. Its just that I was playing with lesser players than usual so I leveled faster, sorry = ].
    And Please remove those Stone Gaurdians T__T. (Or at least greatly reduce their speed and damage and make them not walk outside the base at all = /)
    - Please increase Sonic Shoes to 300 cost from 200.
    - Please remove the dumb, overpowered Stone Guardians from the bases. I greatly admired the skill factor of surviving from an opposing hero by circling around the Resurrection Stone and waiting for an ally.
    - Please reset the position of the "2 big spiders + 1 troll" creeps outside both bases to their same positions from 1.3b.
    - Please reset the pictures of the "+1 Power, +1 Dexterity and +1 Energy" items to the same picture as in 1.3b because they are more uniquely fitting
    - If you increased all heroes attack speeds slightly, please reset them.
    - Please remove the dueling system. Its unfair, not tactical, and distracting. Its helps fill in the game but the game doesn't need fill ins. Its good as is. Please remove the dueling system and Stone Guardians.
    And lastly great job on the map. I appreciate the update but I can't stand the Stone Gaurdians. The dueling system just seems like a not so good filler and should be removed = /.
    Ok, I have tested for a good amount of time. I really admire Grand Battle. The changes from 1.3b AI to 1.4 AI are mostly good. I do have some request for map changes to improve the map.
    Im gonna test some more to check on things. The game seems good with the other changes though such as the ability fixes and the 2 new heroes. I don't know if you did, but if you increased the gamespeed in some way (by means of normalattack cooldown decreases, normal attack damage increases, or movement speed increases, I ask that you PLEASE rid of that change because the game ran at a PERFECT game speed before. Some reason it seems a bit faster to me but I may be mistaken)
    NOOOoooo SCOOOORRPiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!
    Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!! PLEEEAAAAAAAASSSSEEE SCORPIAN STOP!!!
    Please Stop making so much changes Scorpian! Your ruining the game!! =[
    I like most of the changes but the new game changing add ins Are RUINING THE GAME =[. Me and my friend loved playing 1.3b. I think we are your biggest fans. -Please remove that overpowered, creep stealing golem from the bases = [. -Please reset the heal rate of the Ressurrection Stone to its slower rate of regen as in 1.3b. -Please reset the creeps outside the bases to their positions as in 1.3b. The 2 big spiders and the troll creeps. -And PLEASE remove the dueling SYSTEM! PLEEASSE!! =[
    -Don't make the same mistake as others and try to overrate your own map because of selfish wants =[. Please remove the golem, reset the stone regeneration, and remove the dueling system.
    Heyy! I've played your Grand Battle map.... it was very interesting.... but some of the "Final Smashes" for some characters (Mario/Luigi/Pikachu) didn't really resemble what it was in SSBB.
    Hmm, i've herd Bali..
    brazil have good footbal, but we didnt win the last world cup. =/
    the next is ours >:D
    have indonesia a footbal championship?
    i dont know much about indonesia... i'm from brazil. :3
    so faaaaaaar :x
    SURE i will check it! *downloading*
    nya, if you dont have a msn.. i preffer to talk by here.. ^^
    where are you from? D:
    I did play your map 'gran battle' and i love it! All of my friends and I spend much time on it now. ^^"
    can you add me on msn for talk? xD
    just ctrl c - ctrl v. :3
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