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  • hi SD_Ryoko
    i have some problems with uploaded map which i hope you can help me
    i uploaded a map and there was download hits
    but yesterday I did an update to the map and uploaded the updated map
    since then, there hasnt been any new download hits and i checked the map list, my map was not among them at all
    this is my map:
    can you please help? thanks
    Hmm if you distributed 110 gold evenly among TheHelper then you would have to cut the gold into pieces
    Do you only have 1 visitor message?

    To my topic:
    I want to update my tutorial with an updated version but it seems that I has hit the character limit. I tried to shrik it but ended up at 52 000 characters. Is there a posibility that I can be increased? By a few thousand.

    "1. The text that you have entered is too long (52820 characters). Please shorten it to 50000 characters long."
    Ryoko TD was a good map, when i saw in the hints that you were from the helper. i was pleased.
    This mini games idea was genius. Just a kudos & thank you
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