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    Bios doesn't see Intel SSD drive

    Okay. Update. Sent the drive back to intel. Received a new drive. Tried to ghost my hard drive onto the new drive using the intel software provided; this failed. The drive wouldn't boot. Partitions and data there, but something in the setup was missing. Ghosting failed to copy the...
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    Bios doesn't see Intel SSD drive

    I'm leaning toward compatability / driver / firmware problems. Could be bad part, but I'm trying to be optomistic. I wiped my old drive and set it up as backup/archive as everything was running fine for 4-5 days. Sending this one to intel would suck >.< This AM it booted on the first try...
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    Bios doesn't see Intel SSD drive

    After reading up on IDE vs AHCI, I switched it to AHCI via registry settings change then bios config. My problem remains. Running out of ideas. This time my computer locked up while gaming, and the SSD didn't come back up. Again, I had to move it to another port and it appeared. Another...
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    Bios doesn't see Intel SSD drive

    More. Which cable is irrelevant. Which port is irrelevant. Bios update did nothing. The only fix is unplugging it, and plugging it back in. I think I may have found the problem. Apparently, SSD's using Sandforce controllers sometimes have issues with 'sleep' mode. This ranges from BSOD's...
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    Bios doesn't see Intel SSD drive

    I have a new hard drive, and a new motherboard. I also have Windows 8. Intel 330 Series Solid-State Drive 120 GB SATA 6 Gb/s 2.5-Inch - SSDSC2CT120A3K5 Gigabyte board GA-B75M-D3V...
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    Looking to buy monitor

    I approve of what you bought, though I am refusing to get on the "samsung" hype =) I bought an LG big screen some time ago over the comparable samsung model and its been nothing but awesome since the day it got here. I had a view sonic once upon a time (prolly sitting in a box somewhere) and...
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    3.3 fall of lich king is out

    We merged guilds on sunday, its been a chaotic mess. Then a content patch tuesday just to make everything more chaotic. But, we've got 2x25 teams in ICC; My team cleared 4/4 the other day and the second team cleared 3/4 so not bad. Lot of people didn't show even some who accepted invite so...
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    Funny/Cool WoW Guild Names

    <Debbie Does Feralas>
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    Why do they h8 wow?

    Theyre changing a lot of the complaints here. You can get a mount earlier so its not as much running. The bland, old world that hasnt been updated in ~5 years is supposed to be getting a big 2010 makover in cataclysm. Their aware, its an older game, with older graphics, and outdated areas...
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    Building a gaming PC

    I see a lot of people picking up quad cores with lower speeds for gaming systems. Almost no games on the market utilize a quad core. -some- utilize duo core processors. You could get a higher single, duo speed processer and have better gaming performance. IE, 3.x ghz duo cores rather...
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    Hosting problem

    If your trying to reset the password on the router, theres often a tiny, black reset button either on the bottom, back or front. Mine is in the back. For good practice, hold it for a little while. For some routers, this requires a special proprietary tool called a paperclip. We sell a...
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    Hosting problem

    Vista or not, configuring the router at your home is essentially the same. Key in the routers IP adress into an explorer bar. Most new routers support configuration in this mannor. Try :D If you get hit with a password prompt, either its something you set up or factory...
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    The Armory (Beta) - Post your WoW Armory Character!
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    what should i roll?

    I fury sometimes if I dont have to tank. Which is rare because I am the MT. But I arms every weekend for BG / Arena.
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    what should i roll?

    NP I just ignore that pet. If get coiled is okay, intercept back in again If you can kill a clothie in 3-4 hits..... =) Some warlock smart enuff to DoT before the charge, thus taking the charge away... then curse of exaustion. Forcing early intercept, then noobcoil. But not many...