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  • Well, I've got a good amount of time to put into the sc2 editor, so as long as the frustration don't exceed the fun, I'm going to get out this Star Control 2 inspired map I have in my head.
    Sounds like you have quite a bit on your plate. Wish you good luck in sorting it all out so you can get some time for mapping as well.

    I'm gonna look forward to see your take on battleships with Starcraft resources.
    It's a work in progress. The data editor is immense, and I'm hitting road blocks constantly, so we'll see how long I can hold out.

    What are your mapping plans at the moment?
    I'm good, thank you

    I stopped mapping in the anticipation of the Sc2 editor. Now that it is here, I better start working again ^^
    Well, I'm going to be busy with commissions just about the entire Summer, plus I'm going to be visiting people a lot, so I'll still be active within the site, but I can't really focus my attention to other places for a bit. I'll let you know if and when I can help though.
    Erm... It might be my lack of understanding of English but I'm not understanding what power count is... I also did just wake up not 30 minutes ago... I might just be forgetting something obvious? I'm not entirely sure.
    Irrelevant, because after a chat with Vestras, I've decided to go into web development for awhile and perfect my skills there. But if you need something done, I may be able to do it, I have an understanding of the language.
    lol... i read your rep post to me 5 times, went back and read the original post 5 times.. and just couldn't figure out why you gave me rep. Took embarrassingly long to realize the typo -.- tho I'm sure a lot of people could make use of a date editor :D
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