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  • Saw you got SC2. ^_^ Wanna give me your realid so I can befriend you and we can play sometime? :)
    Well thanks...I'm not sure about "master", though. :eek: As for time spent, well, it's most of whatever I have free. :p
    Well, I can burn a 2.29 GB AVI file to a USB drive. Does that count? :p Jk jk. I'm perfectly fine watching stuff on my Windows 7. XD I mostly use Ubuntu for coding stuff. I like to keep my play and work separate.
    Well, I think I'll stick with Ubuntu until it gives me problems. (Wait.... I already ran into a problem... I can't play DVD's with it -_-' I've installed all of the stuff I needed to install (according to online tutorials) and still couldn't get Sherlock Holmes to play...)
    Not really. I tried Kubuntu, but didn't really like it. Was thinking about Mint for a while. What's Suse like?
    Oh that sucked! But i would love to have the map! :D:D:D:D:D:D
    Hello! Is there any way i can become a beta tester of Battleship Antarctica? : D

    Understand that I blast out blasphemy left right and center. I didn't remember typing that, or why. I guess breaking the convention you had going.

    Twas a month ago I be post'n that, seems rather insignificant.
    now i did, heh sorry for the delay, i forget to check that email.
    It was awesome, I loved it.
    Sometimes when I bought weapons, I just wouldn't get them.
    Great job.
    > You can remove certain pages
    I've never figured out how to do that in Chrome. I don't think it's possible. :(
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