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  • You can change the names yourself.

    Oh, and what a coinky-dinky.
    I can unban myself! ;D
    On a somewhat related note, VMs and PMs are here for a reason.
    EGUI isn't spamland. :p

    No! Not the ban from those places. :(
    Except JassCraft. Go ahead. :p
    Update != ReasonToDoublePost

    I don't care about banlist. I don't Wc3 much anyway. :D
    ow, sorry. Can you tell me forum guide for twilight's eve???
    i play twilight's eve orpg v1.12c. i want to ask something how can i go to dungeon, where the lord of puzzles has been?
    thx before,
    This is good. Your sanity is intact. Farewell.

    *frolics off into the sunlight, yelling "SPARTAAAAA"*
    You're an admin, right? Can you capitalize the first letter of my name. Which, by the way, nobody can spell right? Not even you?
    Hello Sevion,
    I guess you are some kind of an admin around.
    I have just registered, and mistyped my common name, VersusAllOdds, and forgot to add a 's' in the end.
    Can you change my name and add a s? Thx,
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