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  • I also removed a bunch of consumable items such as potions and stuff from the Save/Load, since the system would save charges and the potions and such have 20 charges the code would be extremely long if the player had say 2-4 slots of consumables. I used item-classes to determine what kind of item there is (Such as Armor is Permanent, Weapons are Artifacts, Jewelry is Campaign, Potions and such are Purchaseable) this is also used for the triggers that stop players from having 2 of one type of equipment (2 weapons, 2 armors, ect.)

    Ever since I did that the system has gone screwy. When the player loads his hero it loads everything fine except the heroes inventory and skills, it only loads the 1st saved item from the heroes inventory, the rest are lost and no skills are loaded at all.
    ^-- About that issue how did you manage to solve it, could you show me how?
    I am interested in making warcraft III maps and i liked your RPG.Please , if you have time will you tell me one or two things about making a terrain cus it is so boring...
    Also I can help you with somethings on your maps (Ideas and maybe realization if them)
    if you want
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