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  • Never mind. Nothing will happen. Purple is not even my favorite color.

    And you thought I was failing at trying to scare you. Boo.
    Don't get me wrong. I love to dance once in a while, whether it be in a dreadfully bright ballroom or on a pile of corpses.
    I love it when a plan comes together. But it has not happened. Not yet.

    But I will love it when it does.
    It has been a long time. Perhaps you may have some questions.

    Am I dead? No.

    Am I gone? No.

    Am I busy? Yes.
    alright, cool, just one more question about that. how did you register the event of a moonstone being used? i'm thinking there might be more than one way to do it...but i'm sortof new to items in general, so i'm unsure. (was thinking there might be as many as, detect spell, detect item used, or just time becomes 0...for starters)
    yeah i know what you were talking about...i was merely asking about the difference that it made. you said it changed to orange...
    i know there is a day and a night for the indicator. what i did not understand fully from what you said was whether that indicator was changed to one of the normal two other words, day and night...or if it had changed to some bizzare third indication...which you called orange...or if orange simply meant the day time indication.
    when you said something about the moonstones were you talking about the time of day thing going to a third color or just back to the day color?
    Purple page reflecting your personality?

    Either your regal, or homo. Take your pick.
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