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    PC won't power up

    just 1 hdd 7200rpm 1tb seagate. no soundcard and optical drive. i don't think it's the watt of power supply because it wont boot with just cpu, mobo and ram. any ideas? also i noticed with bare mobo and power supply(24 and 4 pins connected), it still won't boot.
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    PC won't power up

    yeah the 24 pin and 4 pin power supply are securely plugged in, that's the problem
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    PC won't power up

    Mobo: asrock h61m-hvs cpu: i5-2400 PSU 500w GPU: nvidia 430gt 2048mb RAM: 8gb ddr3 1333 here is my analysis when i hit the power on button: * power supply is down * i notice the cpu fan makes a very slight turn, like 1/2cm turn * all components are down except the LED of the chassis * whenever...
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    Microsoft's funeral ala thrilla! steve ballmer style...

    did you not watch the dance? lol
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    9/1 Apple Keynote+

    The demo looked like something that came out of fable, every pixel well spent. i wonder if android based phones have this caliber of games
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    Head profiterole anyone?

    Judging by the pictures, i'll call him cannibal perfectionist dough style
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    Critical strike trigger

    Reading the previous thread, how can i produce a trigger of a single target critical strike? and the chance is modofied/increased by Attribute? Any formulas?
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    ===Earth Hour community poll===

    He can be an activist:thup:
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    ===Earth Hour community poll===

    He knows what to do on climate change, he's only spicing up this thread:D
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    Need some really cool ultimate healing skills

    Something that is worth spending your 2 skillpoints, has to be a bit complex and GUIable:thup: +rep for replies!
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    Healing Wave/Chain Lightning Triggered

    I had the same question on my other thread. I was told to read this, and i'm still reading it upto now. It may help you too.
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    A newb's own starting ground for RPGing, Pls read

    Hi, i'm a newb who knows nothing about jass, little gui :banghead:. And i am very much fond of making an rpg style hero as my first step to making my own rpg map. On this map, i've fixed 2 heroes, a range and a damage over time. Please help me by testing them and share your opinion or more...
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    Mana regen skill based on int? Trigger help

    I have 1 problem with this trigger, the "Cooldown" on the spell does not work if this trigger is active . I based my spell on Roar
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    Mana regen skill based on int? Trigger help

    Thanks for all the helpful replies+triggers, and I PROMISE, i will read the rules before i post next time! cheers! :thup: