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May 6, 2017
Dec 9, 2006
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I'm lost

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Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator, from I'm lost

Staff Member
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May 6, 2017
    1. The Helper
      The Helper
      Have I thanked you yet for all the help you have given here? If not and even if I have Thank You Very Much!!! Thank You for Helping! I have a site history section coming out for you soon as well :)
      1. Siretu likes this.
    2. iPeez
      Do you remember the 'huge' strategy map we were making? We were like 8 people on skype and everything and we never got any further than the terrain... I was just wondering if you still happend to have the map..?
    3. iPeez
      Are you still making maps man?
    4. iPeez
      LOL - "staff", way to go!
    5. X-maul
      I gues that sinse you like dubstep you will love this :)

      Also check out some of his other songs ;)
      ("The wings of a skydiver", "Goodbye", "Yo ho and a bottle of bass", "I call it progstep", "It's pronaunced Omnitica" and "Rom og omega-3")
    6. X-maul
      Oh wow, I envy you ;)
    7. X-maul
      Have a nice vecation :) I asume you are leaving tomorrow?
    8. X-maul
      I asume you saw the PM and got the song? :)
    9. Accname
      Hi, wanna play our tournament matches today?
    10. X-maul
      Hehe, np :) Glad you liked it, I got a little nervous for your taste in music with the first song i heard :b
    11. Artificial
      I realize it's likely true, it's just the way you said it there. It was like "I just wanna point out you're great (btw I get tons of appreaciation and I'm pretty frigging awesome) and help a lot." :P
    12. Artificial
      Apua, apua! Joulukuusi palaa!
      Hjälp, hjälp! Julsex kommer tillbaka!
    13. Artificial
      I remember that map, it's pretty fun. :P
    14. GFreak45
      Thanks for the feedback on my tutorials... a few changes you mentioned were needed i knew i had to change but i didnt think about them till after the submission date :/
      ill update them in the future but i have too much on my plate right now :(
    15. Monsterous
      I dont know. Lucia buns sound nice.
    16. Siretu
      I have to admit something that I think no one knows about me. I love lucia buns. Consider it even.
    17. Monsterous
      Consider our message count evenized.
    18. Monsterous
      Consider our message count uneven.
    19. GFreak45
      Thanks, i dont take it the wrong way, im the same way, i would rather use my own indexxing system that i make unique for each map then aids when using w.e, so i understand what you mean, i meant more would it be usefull to others
    20. GFreak45
      hey for my system i plan to create a DPS module that is essentially a damage system, it will allow an unlimited ammount of damage types, the ability to set a reduction for each, along with the option to (when dealing damage consecutively, add them together to be considered one damage ammount, then it would display all player's damage per second, highest damage per second, current time in battle, and current damage dealt in this battle... would you use something like that in your map?

      the other would be a selection module (mainly for rpgs) where when a unit is issued an order targeting a unit or a player selects a unit, it will bring up another menu displaying health, energy, shields, unit stats, and a 3d image of the unit. is that something else that you would use? just wondering because if i spend time on them i dont want them to be so concentrated on one thing that they become useless for everything else and used very little
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    Projects: Banelings, Cruiser Command, and more
    Tutorials: Data editing basics, Dialog, Data editing - A Vital Guide
    Assets: JAVA

    I'd love to answer your PMs with editor questions but I'm very busy these days. You'll have a much better chance at an answer if you post a thread about it.