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Dec 9, 2006
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I'm lost

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Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator, from I'm lost

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May 6, 2017
    1. Artificial
      > make an account
      I've had this MSN account for years, I just haven't used it. And for some weird reason MSN seems to come with Windows. I wonder why.

      > I don't think you told me your age
      Oh. I thought I did.

      > Finland is contradicted by saying Sweden on your profile
      I'd imagine the reason for Sweden being there would kinda like reveal I don't really live in Sweden. :D

      You should've hanged around more in the TH chat, you would at least know my age and where I live. x)

      > And no, it's not late for that.
      And yes, it's late for that.
    2. Artificial
      I can't remember where you live, anymore. Sweden?

      Ahnyway, I cannot give you my MSN address because I'm too tired to go and create a PM. :( But you'd get it anyway when I'd add you in my contacts or whatever it is that you call that in MSN. Hey, I went as far as bothered to start using MSN just so I could chat with you two or something, so you should do something too! ;p

      > you refuse to tell me anything
      I think I have told you some things (even in all seriousness), e.g. my age and where I live.

      > why would I tell you?
      Because of <3? :)
    3. Artificial
      Give it to me. :(
    4. Artificial
      Serra refused to give me your MSN address, which is my problemo. ;p

      Anyhow, did it taste good?
    5. Artificial
      I have problems connecting to you via msn.
    6. SerraAvenger
      I have problems connecting to you via msn.
    7. SerraAvenger
    8. Artificial
      Took a while to respond, as the profile pages were broken and I didn't realize I can view this via the conversation page. x)
    9. Artificial
      Indeed yours does. ^_^ I find it rather funny, though, that pretty much every math teacher in my school uses TI-86. o_O I mean not just that it's older, but I would've thought there's a wide range of calculators out there.
    10. Artificial
      > Does it look old?
      Oh yeah. Just Gewgle TI-86. ^_^

      > just one small problem, you need to press enter between every frame
      That's not a problem, but a feature. :thup:
    11. Artificial
      > TI-84
      TI-86 here. :(

      Multiplayer as in each player has their own wall to defend or something? ^_^
    12. SerraAvenger
      got my msn to work.
    13. SerraAvenger
      just reading your post in my thread.
    14. SerraAvenger
      Does any of you two guys have ICQ / msn (ICQ preferred!) ?
    15. SerraAvenger
      perhaps you should've taken the "I'm gonna copy this to artificials page too" out of the message ; )
    16. SerraAvenger
      nah. I'm currently really passive, working here and there on this and that, but not really producing anything. Just too little time. It'll stay like that for a while now. I just like to observe the public opinion on different topics. I hope to work as a gamedesigner in a year or two. You might call it training = )
    17. Artificial
      Lucky you, I haven't gotten any in ages. :( And I'm only 5 away from 800.
    18. Artificial
      > I'm a little disturbed by the fact that my questions were basically "a/s/l?"
      Don't worry, I know that's how you always do when you meet new people. "Hey, how old are you? Wanna have some? Your place?"
    19. Artificial
      Lol, rite. :D
    20. Artificial
      > I asked about
      Fine, I'll answer. ;p

      > sex
      No thanks.

      > why your age says "12"
      Because I wrote that there (IIRC). :)

      > why your location says "Sweden"
      All the cool peeps like Fyrre and Gwypass and Arsenist have Sweden in their location, so logically I should as well.

      > Now, I have to apologize.
      Yeah. On your knees!

      > I didn't get an honest answer on that question either.
      But I didn't lie, I was being honest. :(
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