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Dec 9, 2006
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I'm lost

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Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator, from I'm lost

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May 6, 2017
    1. Artificial
    2. Artificial
      But the point is you never told me, I had to find it by myself. ^_^
    3. Artificial
      Hi Dennis. How come you never tell me anything about yourself?
    4. Artificial
      I can't remember the exact address, but I think it started with http://. Not quite sure, though. But I gotta sleep, so I can't talk about this anymore. ;p
    5. Artificial
      You posted it in teh internets. :)
    6. Artificial
      But you'll make a GUI application for creating those anyway, so it doesn't matter for the non-programmers. :)

      > trust me
    7. SerraAvenger
      by the way:
      Doing that, you can also put in custom commands. You can eventually implement a new programming language.

      add room: Entrance (You enter a long corridor with many tall columns. It is cold. A great door can be found at the end of the corridor.)
      end of corridor: go to Main Hall

      add room: Main Hall (You see a table. There is bread and stuff.)
      back to corridor: go to Entrance
      eat: evoke Eat Bread

      add event: Eat Bread (The bread tastes good and fresh. You eat more until you find out it has been poisoned. You're dead.)
      kill Player
    8. SerraAvenger
      possibly. I might have multiple IOs. Sockets are simple IOs in ruby, too, so it's quite easy to implement.

      about rooms:

      do something like

      add room: "NAME"
      north: "NAME2"

      add room: "NAME2"
      south: "NAME2"
    9. SerraAvenger
      The thing is just that my Engine is REALLY vague. It is really just the carcass, while yours holds the game logic. That means mine is much more flexible, but most of the stuff has to be programmed by the actual game programmer. It's quite much just a really cool API right now. That has lots of advantages and disadvantages. I think I'll also program a real "Engine" that uses this API as a base and then restricts the use to real Adventures...
    10. SerraAvenger
      Event based coding (a little bit like in WC3), skills [skill with levels and stuff], skilltypes [like the firebolt or the avatar skills], skill modes [activated/passive/cast], attributes [a unit's strength/agility], attribute types [like strength, agility,...], doors*, traps, chests*, items*, multiple players*, creature types* [knight, soldier, goblin warrior], creatures* [the actual soldier], heroes*, controller based command line interface* [eg 'chat hi' will evoke the "chat" controller's .action( 'hi' ), while 'chat' 'hi' will first go to the chat controller, evoke current.action( 'hi' )], same controller based rendering* [the chat controller will have a .render method that prints a chat log, the inventory controller's .render method will draw a list of items, and so on. )

      things with * are incomplete, not started yet (but there, like ghost classes) or bugged.
    11. Artificial
      I got your name right? WOOHOO! I Sherlock when big.

      I dunno why you're using files like that as editor files, IMO making just regular python files could be kewl. I'd prolly like something like this. And see those command things? No editing the engine after you've recoded the engine to go through a list of commands instead of a hardcoded set of if statements. x)

      Oh, and I think having "go north/south/whatever" would be kewler than "north/south/whatever", as it'd make more sense (at least to me ^_^).
    12. SerraAvenger
      je ne comprends pas
      I don't understand

      = )

      Phew, hardly readable.
      I'd love to see dialogs. Combat isn't that important in a true adventure. Much more important would be user interaction.
      I'm currently writing an engine myself in ruby. 800 lines right now. Already working 3 (2 on the current version) days on it.
    13. Artificial
      I think you could make it a bit better before posting it on TH, Erik. x) E.g. make people able to add their own actions (actions being stuff like "north", "get"), and similarly remove the default ones if they want. And I think the interface for making rooms is pretty ugly. ;s E.g. the "#" seems pretty unnecessary, an empty list or just leaving that out entirely would do better IMO. :)
    14. kingbdogz
      Hey Siretu, long time no see! How's life been?
    15. SerraAvenger
      A happy new year!
    16. SerraAvenger
      ok, xmas over, bye bye avatar = )
    17. SerraAvenger
      thanks again for the avatar, and a merry x-mas : )
    18. SerraAvenger
      look at my awesome avatar!
    19. SerraAvenger
      thanks : )
      I'll try it 2mrrw. G2G2Bed now. Sleep tight : )
    20. SerraAvenger
      why don't you give my avatar a hat? A slaughtered santa claus... yay >_>
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