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  • i wasnt meaning anything formal, just a recreation of old wc3 spells... incineration crit drunken brawler all that... not on some kind of schedule just a temporary escape if you get bored with a project and want a break
    hey do u enjoy creating spells? because i am working on a sc2 custom hero line wars, and im not great with spells yet, i would be able to manage, but not great yet
    i totally understand, im trying to work 50 hrs a week and do 3 projects at once... better to concentrate on one, if you ever need help im great with making algorithms and triggering data tables to store information
    really? i havent gotten into the data editor much yet, thats aweome though, the unpassable terrain ring affect with just the data editor? im sure i could figure out a way to do it then
    i could create them myself, you might want to go over them though, my triggers may not be the most effecient way of going about doing something, i just moved to sc2 from w.e.
    hey i plan to make some baneling effects and submit them to u to see if youd like them in your map, i just dont have the time to work on my major projects right now and it might be fun to do :)
    Yeah, I've come to the conclusion he's a moron or has some kind of mental issue. Either of them fits...
    It is time to chnge your avatar dude.

    At school atm, remember the thing I told you I want to talk the headmistress about ?

    THOUGH SHIT- We won't have that "free lesson" today, so there is no time. I must talk with the math teacher now... and I have been pushing back the date for 2 weeks now. WISH ME LUCK BIAAAACHHH
    "Why isn't there some kind of report function? This is obviously advertisement and even if it was allowed, it obviously be in the wrong forum."
    There is. See the
    bassically a turtle FE build where u go a bit of bio and a bit of mech. You get 2 tanks, without siege a coupple of marauders marines and hellions (respectivly, depending on the race, u need like 3-4 of bio and 2 per mech)

    It is 4 gate proof (I have tried myself)

    Any sort of zerg rush is denied easily. Ling bling ? Hellion marine.

    Roach, marauder tank(no siege)

    If things get ugly, you put some SCV's off the line to repair them. No surround. No Death, SCV's aren't trgated... U need intense micro + your army will die.

    What is next ?
    Whatever you want. You have a devilish ammount of resourses, you can even support your thor battlecruiser build.

    No, not breakable by 1 player toss. Nothing you can do about it. Neither as zerg. What u can do is FE and beg u stop his first wave. Then you beg to stop the next one...

    EDIT: Tank with no siege- marauder on stim, but with more dmg on attack.
    Taking a break. I am actually studying..... Good thing is that I will have time to grind SCII. Atleast I hope so.

    Btw, there is a unbeatable terran build. I will tell you about it on skype (a 2300+ protoss told me that it is pure luck if u win or loose against it.)

    Terran are looking also apealing (rofl)
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