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  • Just Miz said in MSN "oh I think bloodcount may be making sotdrp in SC2" because we were talking about it. SotDRP was epic in WC3, and would be better in SC2.
    I did accept Vestras' request, thank you for reminding me :p. As for Skype, I am never active on that account, it's there just for the sake of it. Don't you have MSN or Yahoo? I'd hate to install Skype for one person D=.
    I usually have 24, which is a little shy I guess. Not as bad as some people, who stop at 12 - 16. :p

    Thanks for the advice.
    Well, I can see why you were hesitant to post that now. It doesn't offend me any though, that was actually pretty funny. :p

    I just guessed he would get Mutas because he didn't get them in any other match; but for the most part I was just fooling around b/c the 3rd match up wasn't necessary.

    Any advice for me? :p
    Not gonna end well, the Finnish police is efficient. ^_^

    And I'd probably get an easier punishment by just not agreeing to any kind of military service - 6 months of open jail (you get home on the days, you just spend the nights in jail or something like that). :D But it's not that bad in the army. :)
    you and your endless addictions... you know it is because of freaks like you that will create a super AI robot that will end humanity :D:D:D
    Unfortunately for you I'm sitting in Saas Fee, Switzerland, planning my next powder skiing trip :) So no SC2 for me.
    > are you also having problems with the data editor?
    Nope. Only tried some basic stuff in it, though.

    Managed to download the pack now. :p
    Oh wait, I can't download it. "The file you're trying to download is temporarily unavailable." :(
    > So you got the beta too?
    Nope, I'm not in the beta. You don't need a key to get the patches and stuff. ^_^

    > Give me your replays too.
    I don't think my matches against the AI are too interesting. :D

    > Also, who's Logical_1?
    An admin.

    > He got like 16 million posts!
    Not really, the admins can manually change the post count. :p

    Thanks for the replays, gonna check them out (when I'm not so busy with the editor, that is). :)
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