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    GFX site - need staff

    yah i know, it sucks
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    Dessert Stock Market Game

    very kool Knight. I tried learning C++ before but I gave up. :(
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    GFX site - need staff

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    Njinja Animated Signature!

    I remember this thing a year or two back. I didn't like them. :P Bad anims
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    installing Adobe Flash CS3 Professional

    I got Adobe Flash CS3 not too long ago and I wanted to download it today on my desktop. So i put in the disk... and i wait... and wait... nothing loads up. I go to my computer and it says there is no disk in the drive. I looked through the requirements and the only one that I stumbled on was...
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    GFX site - need staff

    I "thought" that it being illegal was being mentioned. So its my fault. Ironic huh...
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    GFX site - need staff

    Alright I'll clear everything you said up... 1. Yah, well my intention when buying it is that my goal isn't a small community. Sure $150 is a lot, but not really to me. I have spendable money like that. I bought vbull a few years ago, and it expired. So i renewed my account and downloaded...
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    GFX site - need staff

    are you implying that this is an illigal forum?
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    GFX site - need staff

    Yah I did. I am STRONGLY against rippers.
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    Pineapple Express

    yah i liked it. Hilarous!
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    Squigly lines

    well if you never would have changed it, I would have never figured out your name :D Its clever
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    Squigly lines

    aww, now i can't use it as my desktop background:o PS: I like your new avatar, made me laugh
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    very nice job. I don't think the brushing makes it "bad". Its still a good piece. The calender idea sounds good.
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    Flash Attempt

    like i said on xf, turn up the fps :D but it really is a good start
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    Squigly lines

    haha i see a fishy :P don't you love those bored moments where "paint" seemed like a great idea. haha