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  • Idk it might be late since I have a bowling game on friday and school. Say 8pm-12am eastern
    1) The map groups would more then likely change because one opponent has a voided map.
    2) Fairness reasons - No one has anymore time to practice for their matchups then anyone else (technically)
    3) Posting all at once - Keeps it more official
    4) It also isn't as confusing ~ more organized
    5) Posting them all at once randomly is more equal, because I don't choose the map sets, if they were all in front of me I could be considered favoring someone or someone else.
    I'm generally not awake in the AM hours. I added you on MSN. Just hit me up if you see me online.
    I wasn't entirely sure what to do about that SC2 spreadsheet, so I deleted one entry and set my realm to "NA / EU"

    I wouldn't really want to add all the possible permutations in there as options though.
    Its alright, I was doing terrible that game anyways. I didn't even realize you were gone until they attacked (and I almost held em off too :p)
    do you know exactly how or what "too much light" damages? That's what i'm curious about
    one thing however is it does have negative consequences to your far sight. But this occurs regardless of the monitor's brightness. And this is because at a closer distance your ciliary muscles are not used as much to focus the lens and iris which therefore leads to weakening of said muscles.

    you may know something I don't though, and if that's the case i really do want to learn
    I blink pretty normally when looking at monitors, and what exactly is the difference in light that is emitted and reflected?
    Inded. This is not like fb, where the size of your e-penis is proportional to the number of friends you have.
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