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  • Sevion is being a moron and won't do anything nice, so can you write me a program really quick in C++ and give me the output in .txt? I have this list of stuff: and need to convert each line to "abusable-tte$content = add_BJ($content,"CONTENTS_OF_LINE");". Simple I/O with C++, but C++ I/O confuses me and I don't have access to a PC for C#. I would greatly appreciate it.
    I don't have his email, but he has a profile on named adic3x I think. If it's not the name, go to editing tools -> phyngal, he should have some posts there.
    If you mean on the SC2 debugger, right now we have to figure out how the SC2 VM does things, as in where its entry point is, how it places function (call)s, etc. Basically we need to know how the galaxy function's C equavalent functions' memory addresses are placed. Unfortunately, since I'm on vacation, I can't help you. ADOLF (the guy who made cJass and phyngal) said he wanted to help, so you can contact him. (He's quite a haxxor)
    Hi! i saw the thread you made about a stacking poison spell/arrow or somthing, how meny times does it stack? also is it possible to make it into an passive "poisoned" arrow from as an example a tower in a td?
    Not sure I completely understand, but would that mean enter a number, and it will give you the next prime number, or skip a prime and show you the next prime number?
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