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  • It is sadly true... but those people are just ignorant guys with nothing to do.
    No disrespect intended. It was a hilarious match to watch and as I stated, I am aware that not everyone is totally pro at the game, especially when it's just been out for about a month. Also, that's why I put it in spoilers. I hope you didn't get too insulted, that was not my intention :)
    You want around 3 drones per mineral, and 3 per gas. So you need around 25-30 to have efficient harvesting.
    You could work on producing more drones and scouting a bit more, your first overlord could have been great for seeing what unit's he has. A lot of the times you go for early zerglings but you don't use them, if you send them at their base, you could do a bit of damage even if you just hit a probe or two and as a plus you get to scout. They also spend a bit more time defending as well.

    Secondly, when attacking, try to get an overseer for vision, it lets you see stealth, up cliffs, etc. You had enough roaches to kill a couple of colossus but they couldn't see up the hill. Also if anytime someone walls in, a couple banelings will do the trick :p

    But most important, get more drones! Money = Units! Units = Win!
    I already posted it in the thread, added you as a friend, and I'm inviting you to a party now - accept!
    You Still need some unit balancing help? <<Managed to *balance* Custom Hero Arena, with over 800,000,000 possible builds... I have a little spare time and can help if you still need it.
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