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    Frozen throne, the expansion.

    Great! This is good news. I'm glad my maps wont have any problem opening in frozen throne once I get the expansion. Thanks iPeez
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    English Lesson 101

    Hey. Yeah I'm English. Australian actually. I feel I should probably know these terms better than I do. I never concentrated in class because I was always drawing in my books instead of writing XD
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    Background Music and Cursor

    Hey, im trying to figure out how to make the background music play the same song every time my game starts (instead of playing randomly selected ones). Im having trouble trying to figure this one out. When I test document, (at this stage it is just an arcade map with campaign units added) it...
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    English Lesson 101

    Hey! Cool these are great responses. Thanks for the effort. I mostly enjoyed the different ways darthfett and ghan explained the same thing. Ill refer back to these a lot.
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    English Lesson 101

    Hey there. Aside from being an "artist" I also do a full time acting course. Which is now into its third week. During one of our warm ups, were asked to come up with a three letter noun. The thing is... I have no idea what a noun is! And then I figured, it would be fun to ask you guys here, on...
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    Funny Picture Thread Archive - The OG!

    Hahaha, tru meaning of a gobby. Or in this case, a gobble.
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    Editing Portraits???

    Because I haven't got a cd key for the computer I'm on now, I've been currently editing on the computer at my dads house. Its a pain yeah, but I thought i'd mention that anyway. Also, turns out. I'm still using the Reign of Chaos World Editor and the Unit Sound set isn't in the unit Editor. I...
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    Extremely Scary Ghost

    Well shit. A little girl comin out of no where... although i'd still be thinking about that other girls breast though.
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    Editing Portraits???

    Hey there. Is there any way to edit the unit portraits that appear in the bar at the bottom of the screen? I want to make it so when I click on an peasant (human worker), I get the civilian male portrait instead of the worker. There are other units and buildings which I wish to do the same...
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    Extremely Scary Ghost

    Woah, those people are legitimately scared. Damn
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    Unsure of name to use

    Hoi I'm wanting to write a thread in the Editor Forum but I'm having trouble with terminology so I thought I would firstly ask before I go ahead with making a difficult to understand forum. I don't know what to call the animation of units that appears at the bottom of the screen. I'm talking...
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    Frozen throne, the expansion.

    Hoi I've been editing very simple maps on warcraft 3 world editor for a while now and have made some pretty fun maps using what ive learnt from the unit editor and basic terrain pallets etc. But Ive been doing it all on Reign Of Chaos. I assume Frozen throne would have an expansion for the...
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    Player Colours.

    Great, ill try that. Thanks thorhunter. Would you know what the player colour comparison would be for?
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    Do you believe in lucky charms/objects ?

    I don't have any Lucky Charms per say, but I do believe in being an opportunist! The more you involve yourself, the more you will find will come your way.
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    Help me to think a title for my map

    What about... something like 'Village Race', its unspecific so you don't need to worry about a backstory and, you can have the focus more on the game itself. Or.... Something like an argument of law, or religious beliefs is good for human warfare. But remember to be creative... So for example...