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  • bright monitors are bad for your eyes because you end up staring at them for extended periods of time (with less blinking then normal), which isn't "doing what optic nerves are supposed to do", they developed to look at non light-emitting objects
    Oh well =P I know the more "famous" tech. Death Bands, because people keep refering to them =)

    And well... I just think it's cool to whip out some bands no one knows yet ;D Besides, it never gets boring, because you'll find alot of bands with unique sounds that are TOTALLY underrated :eek:
    Normal theme, but I'm too lazy to hide your user customizations. Go figure.
    What's up with those colors?! 0.o

    Your text link color is so hard to see haha. I might be daltonian though.
    Dude, I know! I don't know why the fuck she has so much hate for weed! She feels that everyone that smokes is a "pothead", and we just like it because we're young. Shes just acting off what the society and government is scaring people with. Lol
    What? I already put that one up. Do you still have the old one cached or something?
    I don't think there are any limitations. I'm not sure; I don't think it would be good to link to the pirate bay. But just search for "Mac OS X Iso" and pick the one with the highest amount of seeders.
    Hopefully it will work for you, for me it kept saying I had to restart my computer.
    You should fix the rules. There was a bug up :( We're missing a ] on a [/NOPARSE]

    :( That's what we get with no NOPARSE tag button :D
    The thread for the SC2 Tourny will be up tomorrow (or rather later today). (I with the help Oninuva worked on the Regulations and all that). Spectators will be apart of it, so stay tuned. xD
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