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  • Good call on the change of text color.

    I think You should Change the bright bright green to a sort of dimmer color so that it matches the saturation level of the VBulletin dark blue outlines.
    Is my theme being cotton-candy-esque a good thing?

    I like yours more then a number o peoples since I can actually read things on it.
    Admin? Lol :D:D Nice. Free visitor message from me :p

    Btw, what are the requirements you have to fufill, so that you can become a map mod?
    I kinda decided I'd wait until I really needed it. I haven't really found any keyboard that I REALLY like and have to have, yet. My keyboard's signal problems disappeared when I changed the battery, so I don't have any real reason.
    We all like it-rock and roll
    We all want it-on your show
    Play it loud,dont play it low
    Blow your speakers...
    About sqrage

    Queens, NYC.
    comps, girls, video games, metal

    Baah, now i wont even be your friend ;P
    but thanks for telling me the info about the laptop:)
    Psh. That's some bull! :D

    All you really need is a makeover! Make that smiley face in your avatar do something new! :p
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