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    New Computer Questions

    Netflix? Though that might be 720. IDK I'm not into HD, I guess if you are then that's a reason for a blu-ray drive.
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    New Computer Questions

    Why the blu-ray drive? Total waste of money imo. I haven't had an optical drive at all for over a year and haven't needed it at all. Everything is downloadable nowadays.
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    Sci/Tech Intel 'preparing' to put an end to user-replaceable CPUs

    Techology size and pin size have nothing to do with each other.
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    Turkey day vs thanksgiving

    BTW turkey day has more results because it's searching for turkey and day which are common words.
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    US News States Petition to Secede from the US after Obama Reelection

    I always though that Cali should move to the East Coast then the tri-state + Cali should be their own happy liberal country. Maybe we can include some other states like Colorado and whatnot as well.
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    Sci/Tech New Apple maps app under fire from users

    Apple Maps is now the default Maps for iOS. Google Maps has been removed. Google has submitted their own "standalone" version into the AppStore. Apple has yet to approve it and may decide not to approve it at all if they don't want it competing with their Maps app.
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    Sci/Tech Lithium-air battery advance could be jaw-dropping improvement over li-ion

    I meant "explosions" as in the interaction of two different chemicals to give off energy. Hence the quotes and why I said reactions. Thanks for the explanation though.
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    Sci/Tech MacBook Pro Retina has SOLDERED MEMORY

    It would not make it faster...
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    Sci/Tech Lithium-air battery advance could be jaw-dropping improvement over li-ion

    Isn't it the miniature "explosions" (reactions; explosions at larger scales) that create the electricity in the first place?
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    iOS 6, OS X 10.8, retina MacBook Pro

    Only 2 USB ports on the macbook? IMO it should at least have 3 but they're obviously trying to push lightport or whatever it is. Don't see that being used by many companies though. as for the maps, I don't see a upgrade over Google Maps with their new one, though they're obviously trying to...
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    Dota 2 - Who is your favorite hero?

    I'd say my favorite is either Spirit Breaker, Leoric, Bloodseeker or Morphling. How bout you guys?
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    Has this been made yet?
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    Sci/Tech Nvidia Introduces World's First Virtualized GPU Technology

    Everywhere except America, apparently.
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    Sci/Tech LG's 5-inch 1080p smartphone display goes far beyond Retina pixel density

    Not in such a condensed space it can't. "The screen is marketed by Apple as the "Retina Display", based on the assertion that a display of approximately 300 ppi at a distance of 12 inches (305 mm) from one's eye, or 57 arcseconds per pixel[42] is the maximum amount of detail that the human...