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  • Yes seperating them both seems to have worked, thank you so much for all your help yet again Accname, can I ask what is your account name in warcraft 3 so I can add you to special thanks :)
    Yes, i have got it.
    Well, i dont quite know why that condition aint working, but you could of course just swap it with 2 other conditions.
    basically all you need to check is that player 1 (red) is not in TEAM2 and the triggering playr is not in TEAM2 as well.
    the condition i gave you was basically those two conditions in one line but if it doesnt work then try to split it into 2.
    This condition:
    (Player 1 (Red) is in TEAM2) Equal (Triggering Player is in TEAM2)
    which i posted in that thread should do it, because it will only return true if either both players (1 (red) and triggering player) are in TEAM2 (force variable) or both aint. if one of them is in TEAM2 or the other the trigger wont work. if both are in TEAM2 it doesnt matter cause as far as i got it all players in TEAM2 are allied by default.
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