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    Hey, i think i might get back into world editor. I would like to finally make an RPG.

    Hey, i think i might get back into world editor. I would like to finally make an RPG.
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    Punk-O-Matic fun

    Punk-O-Matic Fun: New one Here is a new one. (I havn't been on this forever!)...
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    Trigger Help plz.

    Thanks for the help guys. :) Looks I have make friends with variables. lol I'll take a look @ the tuts.
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    Trigger Help plz.

    When I use the spell, it onyl moves my character instantly but doesnt do the part of the tigger. :nuts: [/IMG] sry for how blury it is.
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    The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Dies in Freak Stingray Attack

    He was a good man :( (you would think he would die by somthing els would you?)
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    Whitesock's Art

    :eek: (speehcless)
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    What Warcraft3 Hero are you? (quiz)

    I got Grom Hellscream
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    Weapons Battle Game!

    High pressure squirt gun with a scope beats lighter
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    My first animated SIG

    yeah I say its good like a 7/10. Did u use gimp? If you did could I have link where I could get a tutorial on the animation?
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    wow, I hate runescape :) sry,Yesits fun but after a few months its soo boring. Still a good MMORPG
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    My new sig-Subzero

    More sigs woot woot!
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    My new sig-Subzero

    Alrigt cool, Ill try it out later. thnks
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    My new sig-Subzero

    I dowloaded gimp off of I dont think I have the extra stuff :nuts: The only borders I have is fuzz a regular border and round borders? thanks for the feedback.
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    My new sig-Subzero

    ty, and here are some more :D Its funny bcuz half the time idk what the tuts are saying lol. But I start to understand. I keep on getting errors from things like when I use frosty for changing the look on the words. Anyways
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    My new sig-Subzero

    My second new sig I got more on the way