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    My 2nd WoW movie

    Eh? I don't have anything really suitable for editting off the moment. The unit frames serve a very big functional purpose for me - I have a 21 inch monitor, and periphrial vision needs to stay off the center. I found with the default frames and a lot of the pre-packaged frames that I...
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    Help speed up my connection

    There are a lot of facets to a cablemodem connection that can cause problems. If you call your cable company, they can run a quality check on your line and advise you as to its status. Similarly, an on site tech can monitor the quality of the line and troubleshoot problems. Some...
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    who do u think is the craziest?

    C'Thun is pretty rowdy
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    My 2nd WoW movie Enjoy!
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    Official Recipes Index

    Grilled Cheese Mk.2 A couple eggs, beaten Cheeses of many types, I tend to like a 4 cheese blend A french baguette (a sourdough loaf may suffice, however) A few strips of bacon Butter (optional: garlic butter) Fry the bacon as you would fry any bacon to make it crispy. Set it on a...
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    Official Recipes Index

    Well, looks like I'm going to have to be the first person to suggest something HEALTHY!!! unlike Mr. 700 Calorie POWER SHAKE???? Here's something I read for vegetarian mashed potatoes. Normally I'm not a big vegan, but this actually sounded really good. My amounts are off, sorry, but you...
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    Sud/Soulcorruptr's WoW Movies Thread

    It requires the latest DivX codec in order to function properly The problem being of course that's the standard formula for every PvP movie. It's getting so bad with the pop music that I'm literally hearing the same songs in different people's PvP movies. I wanted to go with something a...
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    negative buff on item?

    Try stuffing the Tornado slow aura on it. That aura is specifically for slowing units. Also, I can't remember whether it was endurance or unholy, but I definitely have in one of my maps a -speed based of either one of those
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    making ctf map, always crashes

    Or add them as attachments if Mr. Helper has given you enough attachment space. Otherwise hit imageshack
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    Integer Madness

    Not for me, because I'm at work You aren't by chance using Score[1] as the score for the team would you? Because if you are Player 1 (Red) and you score a goal, not only will Score[1] receive a point, but Score[Player 1 - Red] will receive an additional point. If Score[1] is the team...
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    negative buff on item?

    I believe you can attach an unholy aura/endurance aura/tornado aura/etc. to an item with a negative move speed bonus, and then make the aoe of the aura 0 so it only affects the possessing unit and achieve the effect you wish.
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    Integer Madness

    Appears to be a logic error to me. You will want to rethink how you set the scoring trigger up. First off, the conditions. Owner of kicker can only ever be player 1. Is this correct? It looks to me that there should be more to it than that, especially if it's a multiplayer soccer game...
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    making ctf map, always crashes

    I still see the possibility of one of my exclusions to occur. For example, you didn't change the code of the event. For example, to prevent the accidental occurance of a normal unit triggering the event (instead of the intended hero) you could have added "triggering unit is a hero = true" as...
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    making ctf map, always crashes

    I find one big source of all out crashes is when the map is trying to reference or manipulate an object or event that does not exist or is an impossibility. Suggestions: - team1flag <gen> does not exist or has been deleted - Item carried by (Triggering Unit) [are all units on your map...
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    Stupid Host...

    I tend to find I don't mind the maps being played on so much as I hate the fact that the vast majority of the people on there are complete and utter mouth breathing droolers. The leavers are awful. It doesn't matter what you play, you will have leavers. You will never get a full...