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    DarkStalkers [Action PvP ORPG]

    Still no screenshots (haven't played it yet, but I have tested it with myself on LAN). In the beta2 version, I worked a lot on making things look nicer (when really, I should have worked on spells and features...). Anyway, lots of major changes and bugs fixed. Changes: - You can only have 1 of...
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    Multiboard Help!

    Yea, this was just a test trigger. The real trigger is right here. For some reason, it only displays the multiboard to Player 1, but not to the other players: MB GP Create 1 Events Conditions Actions Player Group - Pick every player in DL_Force and do (Actions)...
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    Multiboard Help!

    Yes it sure seems that way. What I don't understand is why there's a function "Show all multiboards" in the first place.
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    Multiboard Help!

    For some reason, this only shows the last multiboard but not all of them. Not sure why. Debug Events Player - Player 1 (Red) skips a cinematic sequence Conditions Actions Multiboard - Create a multiboard with 5 columns and 5 rows, titled sadffgghjnh dd...
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    Show damage overhead of enemies

    An easy way to do it if it's only for a few specific units is this: Unit takes Damage Floating Text - Convert real to string ( Damage Taken ). You can also use the "a unit enters region" event in combination with the action "add the event to trigger "trig unit takes damage" but this will...
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    DarkStalkers [Action PvP ORPG]

    Thanks, I'll look into it.
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    Modelling: how to increase a torch's glow radius?

    I'm trying to increase the light radius of a torch, but not sure how to do it in magos' editor.
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    DarkStalkers [Action PvP ORPG]

    Not sure what you mean by that. Thanks, I'll look into it. Not sure what you mean by that. save/load isn't absolutely necessary. In the beta version, it's almost pointless because I gave all players access to every spell. Also it's pretty easy to level up. In the release version...
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    DarkStalkers [Action PvP ORPG]

    Definately! But right now I'm more interested in improving it than playing it. If you have screenshots, feel free to post them! If they're good I'll add them to the main post.
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    DarkStalkers [Action PvP ORPG]

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    DarkStalkers [Action PvP ORPG]

    DarkStalkers (beta) DESIGN THREAD DOWNLOAD BETA2 beta2.w3x Please keep in mind it's still a beta with many things missing! If you notice a glitch, bug, imbalance, or any mistake or thing that bothers you, let me know! Read...
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    Spell "Shop" System

    The problem is that the trigger runs when Player 1 has finished researching Test Spell Upgrade 1, but at the same time, the level of Test Spell Upgrade 1 must be = 0 which is not possible if the unit just finished researching the upgrade.
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    Making a unit Invisible without making them transperant

    You can use local player in vjass but be careful how you use it or it could desync.
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    Other [Tool] WC3 Item & Skill Designer [+Nice Calculators]

    Seems really cool. What about hotkeys? And does it have the default player colors?
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    Let's build a custom map!

    You guys should help me on my map :P