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  • I tried finding the one where if you look at it long enough it starts making EVERYTHING seem like its spinning but i couldn't find a repeating image of it so i had to stick with this one. should i find another optical ill.?
    No. You forgot the "y" after mike.
    You lied! I waited for 3 days for you to log on.

    I added you already. But I g2g for tonight. Tomorrow maybe, :)
    DOH! Have played it since beta! Well, I stopped when school started. I just recently started again a few days ago so I'm getting back into (SC) shape.
    What????? I've been training in SCII, :D And doing a lot of work, so I haven't had too much time to play. Tell me when to go on.
    That was the easiest part, ha!
    Well, yesterday I was the pwnage, I had 28/50 kills for my team, :)
    Jet-packing on The Cage is awesome.

    Duh! Spartans don't have emotions. :cool:
    Okay... Legendary missions are insanely difficult... it's like worse than Halo 2. It takes me like 1:30 to 2:00 hours to beat a mission, I always kill everyone on the checkpoint, then right before I reach the next one, some guy pops up with explosives... ah...
    I've gotten those in Firefight, :O
    Haha, best combo I've gotten online is a 5-killing spree, but I've only played like 8 online games so far.
    Hurry up, tomorrow is my last real day home. Then I'll be busy for the next 3 weeks on vacation and stuff. Lemme read it! :)
    Finally, :) Nice chapter, now I'm even more confused/interested, ha.
    As for the descriptions... I haven't experienced anything like that either, hmm. Well in the first scenes, if it's in his point of view, and he's like all messed up in the head now, maybe the thing to do is to not describe things so well. Since he doesn't really know what's going on, plus when you wake up with all those lights in those rooms, it's hard to think. Like when I was younger I had a surgery and I woke up like "whaa?" and couldn't really remember anything. So maybe in order to describe it well, you have to not describe it well. o_O
    But it's good. :3
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