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  • You guys are crazing, flooding my page :p
    I like it, both you and Dyslexia's. Intense and fun.
    For the CC, I guess you could use less dead-verb sentences, o.o So instead of just "something "was" something", more description instead of just 'is' and 'was' and 'be' etc. But I like the pace of the story. The content is also interesting, another reader won't exactly know what's happening, but it's still strange (in a good way, like part of the story ha).
    Huh? I don't get it, lol.

    Anyway, that was my response. "Yes cats hate dogs." "Yes" to your question, :)

    .... If you still don't get it, I guess I'll simply say it... yes I wish to beta it, lo. :p
    All right man, I'll send you my chapter first so you can review it fast.
    We'll need to rewrite loads of parts since it's more or less... dry.
    Xfire. Now.
    I still don't get some of the Parallel storyline flow thing. Well, I do but I need more info on the encounters that they made.
    I've gotten halfway through C2, you're doing C1 and we are alternating C's so... I'll work on C4 according to the plan we did cool? Just make sure I'm aware of any changes to the storyline.
    I'll draw Darius and Haru, wait, is Haru still her name?
    Ew man, your drawings in your profile thing sucks @$$ :p
    Post the ones you drew just today, those were awesome.
    I got someone who could voice act. He's pro in like drawing and digi art too and animation and stuff. Am I allowed to show him scripto? And go on msn once again, heh.
    I can't post anymore, don't want to get past 3000, rofl :D
    I self-learn too but the few tutorials I DO use, I don't learn anything BECAUSE the results are always wrong, lmao.
    Nothing... summer... nothing... playing wc3... nothing... playing Prototype... nothing... attempting stuff... nothing... winning 1 Vs 100... nothing... -a poem by thewrongvine
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