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    Warcraft Reforged: Resurgence

    Ah, dang. I guess that explains a couple of things. Thanks; I'll keep that in mind.
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    Warcraft Reforged: Resurgence

    Wowie, it's been a while, hasn't it? Hope everyone that's still here has had a wonderful new year and Christmas. So with YouTube constantly recommending me Warcraft Reforged videos this month, and seeing as how its release is drawing ever so close, I couldn't help but think about It's...
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    Death's Sketchbook

    Death's Sketchbook I just draw on my free time, or when I'm very bored. Here, you can see how my art has changed over the years. Artwork pre-2011? Let's just say I'd rather not show, heh. Critique or enjoy, whatever suits your fancy. You can ask me anything. PS. My apologizes if the images are...
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    Hand-Drawing Assymetrical Logos and Tags

    Perhaps later, whenever I feel like it, I'll tack up a few pieces of my own work in the Gallery. Thanks! I know that this tutorial caters towards a pretty specific art-style, but I'm glad to hear that it can be of some use to you.
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    Hand-Drawing Assymetrical Logos and Tags

    Ah, forgive me for hyperlinking the images. I was going by this thread when it came down to formatting, as there are several images involved. I'll change it now. As for my current profile picture: no. It's a shame though, since I don't even know who designed the logo for Disfiguring the...
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    Hand-Drawing Assymetrical Logos and Tags

    Hand-Drawing Asymmetrical Logos and Tags Thanatos_820 PREFACE PREPARATION MATERIALS TECHNIQUE FINAL PRODUCT
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    Thanatos_820 — Death is Not the End

    [I hope this is in the right section/allowed, but if not, do what you will.] It's been so long, and there's so much to tell, but where do I start? I suppose we should roll the timeline back several years first before going anywhere, but I'd like to get an introduction out first. Whether you...
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    more =/= better; custom models =/= a good map

    There's a lot of maps that have a poor selection of imported custom models: they either don't fit in the map environment (Pikachu in a Warcraft AoS), or the texture quality is much too different (one HQ model hero in an RPG) than the grand majority of elements in the game. I pretty much agree...
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    Your Character's Title

    Haven't seen a thread about titles in general, so I'll start one. For the hell of it. What is the title of your main character? It could be your favorite, the first title you ever received, the one that was the most time-consuming for you, sounds ridiculously awesome with your character's...
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    The Spell Idea Thread

    DISCLAIMER: I do not play DotA and therefore, I do not pertain to knowledge of spells in that particular game. Crematory Type: Active, Area of Effect Targets: Ground, Enemy Description: Unleashes a chaotic firestorm that surrounds the Hero, causing moderate damage every second to all enemy...
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    The Spell Idea Thread

    6 spells for the thread. Not sure what else I want to throw in.
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    Need ability idea

    Death's Embrace Protects the Necromancer in a veil of death, causing damage based on the amount recieved and reduces damage taken while it's active. Lasts 120 seconds or until 20 attacks or spells land. Necrotic Pressence The Necromancer emits a necrotic pressence, causing healing spells to...
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    Paladins - /facepalm

    Ulduar patch has shattered any hope for me to see the light of dawn again. I am disappointed with the Tier 8 armor set and it even makes me think that Rogue Tier 8 looks superior. Out of all the plate wearing classes, Paladins are ridiculed. To be honest, I really thought there was a trend in...
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    Other Hacks!

    HAHAHA. That's going to be quite chaotic. Anyways, just reread the first post. The map sounds quite convincing, and I hope there's a whole lot of space in the city (or cities) to compensate for building space. Also, one question. Does every player start in the same prison or are they all...
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    Need 3 hero ideas + abilities

    Pretty much, it's really based on your own perspective, to be honest. It does sound very much like an Abomination, but if you noticed the way Forsaken Grasp was worded, I'd very much doubt those two stubby legs of an Abomination can make a jump several yards forward. In my perspective, you...