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    Enemies Getting Stuck

    It sounds like the problem isn't actually the lane width. If you're creating a group of units all at once, at a single point, and immediately ordering each of them to move somewhere else, the units spawned in the center of the group (assuming all the units have collision) won't have any...
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    Quick question about order ability and wait.

    If the Overlord is getting attacked by several enemies, the trigger will be run faster than the cast time on Impale. Several units attacking together will effectively be able to stunlock the Overlord, as every time he gets attacked, he will cancel his current cast and attempt to recast Impale.
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    Spell "Shop" System

    Juggernaut is correct, you need to use "Unit - Add Ability" instead of "Hero - Learn Skill". "Hero - Learn Skill" tells the hero to place an available skill point into the specified ability, and does nothing if the hero doesn't have that ability (or any skill points to spend). Your problem is...
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    Problem with angle based ability

    Nope, it's actually copy-pasted from a test map that I made specifically to check my coding on this particular problem. I made a cleave ability, gave it to a footman, and it works perfectly. You seem to be using an integer comparison rather than a real comparison, and you don't have an OR...
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    Problem with angle based ability

    Actually, disregard my previous posts on the topic, I read it too quickly and thought it was an identical problem to something I posted on, a few weeks ago. You want the if statement to be: If - Conditions Or - Any Conditions are True Conditions (Abs(Facing of (Triggering Unit) -...
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    Problem with angle based ability

    You want the first part of that to be: (Integer((Angle from Sweeping_CastUnit to Sweeping_Loc))) Less than or equal to (Integer((((Facing of (Triggering unit)) + 90.00) mod 360.00)))
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    Problem with angle based ability

    Keep in mind that the game is looking for an angle value, i.e. a real number between 0 and 360. Unless the facing angle of the triggering unit is exactly 180 degrees (facing directly left), some of the damaging area will be cut off because the comparison will fall either less than 0 or greater...
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    Is this a good hero idea ?

    It's going to be difficult for anyone to give you feedback about hero ideas without knowing anything about the map other than the fact that it's an AoS-style map. Is it going to be a DOTA-clone with groups of weak creeps in 3 lanes, a level 25 hero level cap, and a high reliance on buying and...
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    Active Items

    Incidentally, if you want the item to have infinite charges, set the number of charges to 0.
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    Using amount of mana as an event?

    Wow, that's always been there? I'm blind, disregard my previous post. :rolleyes:
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    Using amount of mana as an event?

    There isn't any event that directly triggers when a unit's mana hits a certain point, but you could have it trigger whenever a unit casts a spell, and add a condition where the casting unit's mana is less than a certain amount (100 mana?). You would still need a second trigger checking whether...
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    Quick question about text display

    Your trigger would display the text to every player, not just the owner of that unit. You want something like: Game - Display to (All players matching ((Matching player) Equal to (Owner of (Hero manipulating item)))) the text: You received a Dagger. The reason your action doesn't work...
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    selection like "ward clasification"

    So, basically you're asking for the unit to actually behave as though it's a ward class unit, but still have the move/attack/stand/hold position/patrol and skill buttons available? There isn't really a good solution for that. To have it actually behave as though it has ward-type selection, you...
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    More than 1M gold--income help

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner, my internet died for a good 12 hours. I was actually talking about your statement that you couldn't find something in the GUI actions, by the way. If you could post the relevant parts of your triggers and highlight what parts you don't think are working, or even...
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    More than 1M gold--income help

    What exactly are you having a problem finding? If you post specifics, there are several people on this forum who can point out what you need and where to find it.