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  • keychup you are good to go as of my previous post. I am sorry I don't know what the forum uses as the address of the email. You should be able to post now.
    ^O^ Greetings to you too sir.
    Maybe you could tell me what address the forum uses to send e-mail. Perhaps it would allow future e-mails from the forum if I added it to my address book.

    Edit: When can I Post a Thread?
    Hey keychup. What happened is your email spam filter caught the confirmation email the forum sends and you were not able to confirm your account. I manually confirmed you but remember since your email filter thinks this forum emails are spam you will not receive any type of email from the forum. We don't send any anyway, but it will be difficult for you to change your password or stuff that requires forum emails being responded to. Welcome!
    Problem: Cannot Send Messages or Post in Threads
    Reason: "Awaiting Email Confirmation"
    Solution: Point out problem to an appropriate "Helper" by other means than Messages or Threads
    Status: Unsolved
    I answered you smoke in a PM - but no, not right now but hopefully I will get embedding enabled soon.
    hihi any chance I can get a sig ?

    Also I hope you are gonna post some more recepies, the bread pizzas were veeeery nice. :]
    Its a free service here in Houston I am adding a link to for a friend. Its ultra cool, Paranormal Investigations. I went to High School with one of the main guys and I figured why not - he is not paying anything - and apparently he has a bunch of resource either up or going up so it is a good source.
    Do you still want the Houston Paranormal Investigation be added to our sponsors list in the Sidebar?
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