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  • The face position isn't to accurately placed. The nose/mouth should go slightly to the left a lil.
    The panda shirt is also a lil off. Probably sliding the whole shirt position to the left a lil would be better.

    Generally, it's kinda hard to tell from this preliminary picture. You probably should complete the clean outline first.
    It looks fine but a lil dirty, as you said. A lil touch up might make it better.
    In drawing, sometimes its best if you don't give up too quickly. Although you feel it's bad, but as you touch up, it will become nice and good to the eyes.

    Use strong lines instead of sketchy ones. This is cartoon figure, so sketchy/breaking lines will not be suitable.

    If you are not used to using a tablet, don't use it. Use pencil and paper, and scan.
    Tablet is good when you're dealing with colours and touch up. Not so much for sketching.

    Show me more of your updates. :)

    Edit: If I find time, I can try to fix your drawing a bit. I'm a bit busy lately though.
    Cool. You could just post the WIP in the Graphic Section and get some response and probably some inspiration from other members.

    Then again, it's always good to post or ask comments from an art forum. :)
    Post it up when you're done with it. Be waiting to C&C.
    Been lazy in drawing lately also. I have the time but I guess it's better off to use the time to rest. Haha.
    FML, I guess.

    What course you're gonna take?
    Hi. Been procrastinating.
    Unexpected stuff came up.
    Not in the mood for studies.

    Visiting TH just keep me occupied sometimes. To let go off things and stuff... :)

    How about you? Been good, I'd say.
    Lost everything, backed up my school notes... and that's about it.
    The virus spreads by thumbdrives as well, and imbeds itself into any recovery partitions you have...
    Re-installing tons of crap now = =;
    My computer was just violated by some retarded virus.
    Spent 12 hours to fix this damn thing.
    I've only played Dead Island, I haven't been able to get on in a week though. I've heard good things from both.
    I had to restart my comp, and you wern't on when i got back so i thought that when you left you left for good. Fail :p
    There was a + after stating that you were online at the bottom of's forum index page. Just curious =)
    Derp. I forgot that I've changed the e-mail associated with my account...
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