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  • Well, good luck with your project, it has potential; one think I would suggest is lowering the cooldowns and mana costs and increase mana regen, just like LoL did; it makes the game way more dynamic and more funny to play. I'm also following thins tradition and I'm satisfied with the results.
    Don't worry bro', I know how you feel :) Took me like an eternity to find a decent terrainer. But the current one... he's just epic. 80% of the current terrain is not even made by him, and it still looks incredible (I think I'll ask him later to redo it). I'm really looking forward to finishing the current project so that we can start working on the planned single player hack 'n slash map (it's going to serve things that Reinventing the Craft can do; uses left click movement system, has custom onHover enemy health bars, dynamic UI elements with onHover actions (!)). I have a great idea generator friend, a great terrainer, CrazyRussian is making icons for me (don't think I have to introduce him) and a quite decent modeler; we shall see how it turns out... but enough of dreaming, we have to finish the current map first :p I'm going to post it here most likely tomorrow, in case you were interested.
    He's quite busy nowadays, because of work, you know. I'm not sure if he checks THW often nowadays, there were days whe he was not even able to log in and check wassup. Plus, he decided to join us (I never work without my idea-generator friend) so I don't think he would join another AoS project :p
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