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  • What? We get announcements for those kind things? Since when? xD

    Anyway Thanks for the congratulations.
    Tom, do you know the number of specific Asian Servers there are for Starcraft 2? I know there is South East Asia/Oceania, but is there a seperate one for Korea, Taiwan and China or are they all together.
    If I were you, I'd wait for a few updates to the software, because new apple products always suck. You need to wait for a few to come out.
    1: Hiragana is used for when there is no kanji for a particular word, like su.
    2: It's chao, not chiao.
    3: The spoken language of japanese is romaji, ie: Words like sugoi, tori, or baka, or even iie.
    hey dude.. do you know where can I watch "A Chinese Ghost Story" the taiwanese series online?? I watched the cantonese movie trilogy and it was great.. Joey Wong looks pretty in her 20s... :)

    I hope to see Barbie Xu from Meteor Garden again :)
    Dude you are popular with 48 visits. I have 59 visits and thought myself as rock star. Like they say quality is that matters not quantity. I would vote for Mr Happycat. Tom_mai78101 you are more known in thehelper than you think. Have a good day.
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