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  • It's so easy nowadays to -rep anyone, giving idiotic excuses. If you hadn't understood what I wrote then, you shouldn't criticize me. Regards.
    Actually the quote goes like
    Bears, beets, Battle Star Galactica
    It's because Dwight owns a "beet" producing farm
    I watched the episode last week, I still can't stop laughing every time I remember the damn thing
    Thanks for all the help with my spell.
    No problem :)

    If you need more help you can always send a Private Message or hit me up with a visitor message.
    hey, could you help me a little? i still don't figure something out with that darkness effect... it works fine... but there are 2 problems:
    first- when i use your second code to make day again... it doesn't work :(
    second- even in this darkness the units can be seen because of their player color which remain very strangely seen...
    Ally (strength) - transforms into a powerful bear with bonus hitpoints and damage.
    Y'know that's going to need buffs, so more to copy paste, hope you're okay with obnoxious amounts of spells to copy-paste.

    Ally (intelligence) - transforms into a beautiful dryad with a hitpoint/mana regen aura.
    More copy pasting.

    Enemy (agility) - transforms into a racoon with reduced damage and receives bonus damage.
    That seems contradictory.

    Enemy (intelligence) - transforms into a frog who cannot cast spells and has reduced mana regeneration.
    You can't decrease regeneration (unless you code all regen in your map).
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