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    Why doesn't the cam lock function work?

    Try taking it off Map Initialization and setting it to "Time elapsed is 1 second;" I'm pretty sure that Map Init screws up that function. I had the same problem in Murder at the Mansion, and stilll people can unlock it by pressing a key. Your best and most efficient solution is having a...
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    Oh, hello.

    What's new?
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    Leaving. As in, not coming back.

    Yep. I'm leaving to further my career with animals. I'm moving to Japan to learn with a Sensei who has offered to teach me and give me an official license. Well, nice knowing you all. I had a great time here, learned a bit, helped a bit. Got a better attitude for it all. Stay strong...
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    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

    "Run Program" doesn't do anything?
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    Squirrels wield a hot, secret weapon

    I always knew squirrels were more awesome than people thought.
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    Units move back after Attack-Moving?

    It moves back because of a setting on the unit. It's a creep, isn't it? It's like, camp radius, or a on / off camp setting on the unit.
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    Teenagers hooked on TV and Computer Games only get 4 hours of Junk Sleep a night

    I can just see many of the younger members going, "Oh, jeez, I hope my parents don't see this article."
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    Teenagers hooked on TV and Computer Games only get 4 hours of Junk Sleep a night

    Whatever I'm doing, I force myself to get 7 hours of sleep, at least, during the week. Can't be going to work all droopy.
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    Modeling in RoC

    I don't know much about models. I don't know what should be there and what shouldn't.
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    Generating Traffic to a New Forum

    Generating Traffic to a forum, how would I add my forum to search engines and such? Any advice on other methods for getting traffic?
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    Modeling in RoC

    It doesn't matter that it changes to mdl, don't worry about that. Do you mean that your model has no .BLP?
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    moderation tools!?

    It is for members that wish to close their thread. No, you're not a mod, and no, this is not a bug.
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    Strange Message

    lmao, I saw that a while ago. Couldn't figure out wtf it does.
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    Super Map!

    He's not into Wc3 much, though he says he goes on to yell at the noobs once in a while. I've been playing CS:S with him a bit lately.
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    Free Forums - Hosting Files

    It helps very much, thank you.