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July 17

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Aug 31, 2014
    1. monoVertex
    2. BlackRose
      Why hello. Surprised you are still here.
    3. kingkingyyk3
    4. BlackRose
      Come back to life!
    5. PurgeandFire
      Heyyyy. Is your editor on your mac a dmg/app file or a powerPC file? I'm running 10.7 and mine is a powerPC. :( The other files are .app, I was just wondering if there is anything I did not update.
    6. Azlier
      I don't understand why the bananas of others go bad in what seems to be about a minute... mine will be perfectly edible for about a week.
    7. Azlier
      To be, or not to be?
    8. Moradiae
      It's perfectly fine =], I am quite busy myself, so no hurry :thup:

      Just wanna ask for some pointers if it's alright with you:

      I got interested in tactics sort of game where you have turn-based movement on a grid and all that stuff
      So I am thinking I would need something even more besides working knowledge of jass because the movement would rely on algorithms and path-findings quite heavily I presume.

      I did a little bit of looking into this over the web, and found out that the weird A* name I saw a while ago in the jass resources section is actually the name of a very common path-finding algorithm in game industry. But in general, all the readings were pretty much confusing.

      Do you have any suggestions as to how I should go about trying to understand these things?
      I have a feeling the matter is quite complicated and would need more than just a few readings, but I am willing to learn.
    9. Moradiae
      hello tootiperror :),

      I hope this doesn't seems too weird, it's been pretty much a year since our last conversation :o

      and after checking my own profiles, it seems I have this recurring tendency to come back to mapping (after countless MIA's) right around Christmas - New Year time o.o

      Anyhow, back on topic, so I learned hashtables (thanks to your tutorials :thup:, as well as various others') and managed to get some results from it :P

      But then I was kinda put-off by how inefficient those triggers gets even if I were to sit down and really go over the whole code again so I decided to learn JASS (finally :o) just last week I think :)

      Anyway, may I also ask you questions about jass and maybe something about programming in general as well?
    10. PurgeandFire
    11. Magthridon96
    12. Mahucharn
      Thanks lol :D .I don't use MSN.... feel free to AIM me though :) (I'm sure you'll be able to figure out my SN).
    13. Mahucharn
      As the humor forum moderator, it is my personal job to troll you :) .
    14. Nestharus
      when are you going to start deprecating old save/load resources? I put up the interactive tutorial thing, so you should fully understand why I am saying that all save/load resources on this site except for mine are garbage.

      Go through that interactive tutorial up through lesson 29. Lessons 1-29 talk about the mechanics of save/load. Look at the save/load resources on this site and you will see how truly bad they are ; |.

      Talk about it with the other moderators.

      Let's get them out of here.

      You may think I am sounding harsh, but those save/load resources really are that bad... I am not exaggerating. We are talking about codes that are quite literally almost 2x bigger than they have to be. In one demonstration I showed, the code was 44.20% bigger. That amount of wasted space is the norm for the codes on TH. Are you going to keep that crap approved? Seriously : |.

      Also, the save/load systems use a very deprecated way of thinking >.>.
    15. Dirac
      I fixed my Damage library alright? As well as the DamageMod and the DamageType, added lotz of documentationz. I would appreciate a review
      Oh and if possible please clear all the "update" posts in the DamageMod thread.
    16. Bribe
      Tooltip, I have been trying to get feedback on that system, it doesn't have as many constants as KeyAction because most of those constants were just silly---"KEY_OPPOSITE_UP" and "KEY_OPPOSITE_VALUE_UP" and the like are just spammed constants - "up" is the opposite of "down", ooooooh reeaally???

      ArrowKey uses much saner logic that gets the opposite key arbitrarily, meaning you don't have to use o(N) searches or 8 nearly-identical functions to get the job done.

      Have another look at it, if you still dislike the API (it is different from its original format) then let me know how you'd like to see it improved. Yours is an opinion I value.
    17. 1346610
      Tooltip Missing !
    18. SerraAvenger
    19. Jesus4Lyf
      Ok, I lied. The auto-updater won't sync the require resources folder for the GUI, yet. Will take some more work. I shouldn't make it so sloppy with the whole no models thing either, really. :P
    20. Jesus4Lyf
      Warning, the very, very first version shall be unimpressive, as it shall not yet contain ways to use models! But that will obviously come shortly after.
      There is a slim chance I will release in the next few hours!
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