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Aug 31, 2014
    1. Jesus4Lyf
      So, in theory, major upgrade would be implement that deindex detection method, call destructors for AIDS structs without locks before the unit quite disappears, turn the textmacro into a module, and do all this without breaking backwards compatability. The only thing I'm not sure about is if you can use modules without breaking backwards compat, in which case, ironically, the only thing not worth doing, is that. :D

      Have fun! :P

      PS. You may have better luck with AIDS initialisation orders by implementing a module which attaches code to a list which AIDS then fires. That could work. It's actually something JassHelper "broke" sort of by adding modules - because modules init first, then structs, then libs... stupid order. Well, it means you can init the module at struct init time by attaching trigger conds to a trigger which AIDS will fire, in theory. Otherwise, you may break AIDS structs which use libraries that init through a struct initialiser, instead of a module initialiser!! :thup:
    2. Jesus4Lyf
      He uses the undefend issued order thing but off memory checks to see if the unit still has the ability, instead of all the other checks. AIDS uses a delay, it waits until the next frame on an undefend order and checks to see if the unit still exists. This means that AIDS_onDestroy callbacks are only called after the unit is gone. There was a reason why that mattered... oh yeah, AIDS structs! Because you can lock them, meaning they can last indefinitely long after a unit has been removed, depending on the mapper. Meaning even if your detection method could pick the unit just before it's removed, it would be unreliable if the index was locked. You can solve this by calling the AIDS_onDestroy methods which don't have locks associated with them, but in AIDS as it stance, all the locks are placed on the index, but the interface is such that it could be changed.
    3. Jesus4Lyf
      Who's there?

      And, go ahead. You're more than welcome to. I think Nestharus has a de-indexing method, not an indexing method. There's a few things! Make sure the textmacro works by just using the implement thing, it's tricker than you think with initialiation orders. =/
      Also, currently, it is possible to access a unit before indexing occurs with an event, unit is issued any order, if the unit has an autocast spell. It gets issued the autocast order before the enter region filter fires, according to Azlier.
      Lastly, Nestharus does a lot of crazy stuff, often it's not tested as well as it should be. Think of edge cases, like calling RemoveUnit on a paused unit in a zeplin. The thing about AIDS is epic stability.

      What is the Nestharus thing you mentioned, anyway?
    4. Jesus4Lyf
      XD That's a good one. ;)
    5. Lyerae
      I have one:, it should be. If that doesn't work (it's an old account, not sure if it still works), I'll sign up for a new one.
    6. Jesus4Lyf
      Mm? Do tell. :)
    7. NeuroToxin
      Ahah yeah, I am still working out things.
    8. BlackRose
      tooltiperror has not made any friends yet

    9. Jesus4Lyf
      Hey, don't push your luck. If I had to pick a side to stay on, either breaking everything or making things work, I'd probably choose breaking everything. :P

      Soo much more fun! :D
    10. Jesus4Lyf
      Modules didn't exist when AIDS came out. XD

      Then there were complications with init orders, and I cbf. lol.. :P
    11. SerraAvenger
      It is. Zinc was slightly better, and I really liked it. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, yadda yadda.
    12. SerraAvenger
      when few words say a lot.
    13. Solmyr
      Thanks, I'm trying to keep is as clean as possible :)

      And it's definitely fun.
    14. Prometheus
      I don't see how I could of guessed this.
    15. Prometheus
    16. Prometheus
      The Greek Titan, Prometheus?
    17. Azlier
      No, not really. I've been mapping for Amnesia, you see...
    18. Azlier
      No, I'm afraid I'm not doing anything for WC3. Nobody seems to care about the Warcraft sections there anymore.
    19. Slapshot136
      I installed ubuntu server and got ftp/command line access to it, still working on setting up apache on it (but I have been more or less busy with school so I haven't spent too much time on it either) - it was more of a what should I install before I get it all set up and find that it runs slow since I had the wrong version/etc. on there.. or the version I picked didn't support what I wanted to do, so I guess I don't need help with it right now, I will probably make a new thread if I do
    20. Azlier
      I lurk around a bit in both, but I don't really do anything in either. I don't understand why they still let me keep my post as moderator over at the Hive.
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