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  • GroupA=GroupB dosn't create a new group and adds all the units from GroupB to it, it's the same group both ways (same handle)
    I am The Special Lady!! The Helper site has some really helpful people and tools. Hope you are well.
    Oh man! I know that feeling...

    Back when I was always doing PHP work, even if I was going to be the only one ever using the page, I always sanitized out of habit. I personally feel thats a good thing though :D
    It has lots of so many unwanted features in it that over complicate things. I don't really know how makefiles work :p I heard about them but I never actually learned to use them. I already had MinGw installed so I decided to use that :)
    Ill look into it as I don't know the use of command prompt nor its features available. Im using command prompt only because I don't wanna use codeblocks nor Visual C++ as its a tough job to get them supporting allegro library and none of their interfaces really suit my needs. I found that Notepad++ was really the easiest for me to use as it didn't have tons of features and it had a larger window for typing code which appealed much more to me.
    I did just find 1 potentially site breaking problem.

    For the sorting method, I notice you pull the DESC or ASC straight from the URL. This is very dangerous, because (I didn't try anything to break it) I just put a random string in there and it returned a MySQL error, which means that you are putting that string straight into SQL. A better way would be to have maybe order=1 and then use a switch/case statement to say:

    switch($_GET['sort']) {
    case 1: $order="ASC"; break;
    case 2: $order="DESC"; break;
    default: $order="ASC";
    C is very good too

    As for your website, what part exactly do you need to know about? SQL injections? Etc.
    Box.onInput("Reset", "KP_I", {.y = 0;});

    The "onInput" method adds input input processing to an object. The first parameter is the name of the input for reconfiguration (ie. Think "Attack" button or "Cast Spell A"), the second one is which input, in this case, K (keyboard) P (button press) I (the 'I' key on the keyboard), and the third parameter is the code to fire on the object when the input occurs. So off memory, it's like KP (keyboard press) KR (?) (keyboard release), etc. There's also Mouse and Joystick, lol. :p
    Is my Meat Grinder tower ready for approval? I'm working on an update, but only adds some visual features
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